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Hex Magic


Ability Prerequisite: Alchemy, Herbalism, Lore (Dark Magic); Charisma 85 or Willpower 85 

Fatigue Point Cost: Varies 

Merit Point Cost: 2000 

Action Type: Varies

       Hex magic grants the user the ability to work with charms, hexes,  curses, and jinxes through darker magic and darker ways. While not  directly evil, this ability allows the user to cast hexes, jinxes,  charms and curses on others as well as granting lucky boons.  Those that  are touched by the Hex are forever changed, small dark spots appear  below their eyes as they gain more power and experience in the use of  Hex Magic. They are known to "worship" a number of powerful entities  that grant access to this ability, often referred to as the Ancient  Spirits, they are known as: Bhoyaya (unknowable by mortals, similar to  the One), Papa Ugara (Serves as the Conductor of Souls and intermediary  between mortals and Bhoyaya), Khuma (associated with death and the  underworld), the Baron Mharig (power of death, luck, resurrection, works  with the dead),Eruzie (power of beauty and love; the epitome of  femininity and womanhood; represents the cosmic womb, creator mother; is  often called upon before seduction and flirtation occurs), Ohghu (power  of war and conflict; called upon before any conflict for blessings),  and Dum-Ba (power of knowledge, wisdom, and healing magic).

      As a  result of choosing to work with these powers a Hex Magic user has  limited access to the Arcane and the Divine. They may attempt to have  these skills and access to the abilities that grant them power, however,  in doing so they are a significant disadvantage. Their skill is reduce  by 10 per Power Rank of the spell that they are attempting to cast and  the fatigue cost of casting these spells and divine powers is doubled. 

Dark Spots:  Every five ranks beginning at 1st rank, two dots appear under each eye  one above the other as each pair of dots helps creates two rows of these  dark spots.  Each of these spots can hold fatigue points in reserve  above the hex magicians normal amount.  Every five ranks, beginning at  1st rank the user may store up to their Stamina Modifier in extra  fatigue in each spot up to a maximum of 15 in each dark spot. Heroic:You  are only able to cast spells from Essence and Spirit. You can learn one  spell every other rank beginning at 1st (3rd, 5th, 7th, etc.).  You may  cast these spells using your Lore (Dark Magic) score.  You may add  either your Willpower or Charisma Modifier as a bonus to any damage  dealing spells. Bad Luck: Using this  jinx once per day per Willpower modifier, the user can cause 1  individual per every 5 ranks that are within 15' radius of them to  suffer from bad luck. Chosen targets are granted a Charisma check at a  TS of 1 per success of the the user's Lore (Dark Magic) check to avoid  the effects. Those hexed with bad luck must make a Charisma check at a  TS of 4 before any action. Those that fail this check suffer one of the  following based on the action:

         Skill and Attribute Checks: Must re-roll their skill check and take the worse of the two checks.

         Movement: Suffer a loss of half their movement as they simply cannot gain any traction. 

        Heroic Luck Use: Costs double normal. 

     This effect lasts for 1 turn per Willpower modifier.  It is considered  a Move Action to use and costs 10 Fatigue to use per use. 

Siphon Soul:  Three times per day as a Move Action the user is able to throw a  purple-blue bolt at a single target within 15' radius. Targets are  granted an Agility check at a TS of 6 to avoid the bolt.  Those that are  hit loose 3 points of Health per 3 ranks (maximum of 21) that the user  gains in Health. If the user has full Health this then becomes Temporary  Health Points to a maximum of +20. 

Soul Whisper:  A hex magic user has the ability to communicate with the spirits of the  dead that exist around them.  Three times per day the hex user can  attempt to summon a spirit and ask yes or no questions for up to 1  minute per 3 ranks. 

Legendary: You  are able to select two targets that you can see within 60' and cause  shadows and darkness around them to come to life and begin to cling to  them. Targets are granted a Willpower check at a TS of 6.  Those that  fail find themselves being dragged into the Prima Etheras and restrained  in place. The target's movement is reduced to 0' while these shadows  and darkness cling to them. Targets are granted a new attempt to escape  the grasp of these shadows at the beginning of their turn with a new  Willpower check at a TS of 6. Every three ranks beyond (8th, 11th, 14th,  etc) you may choose an additional target. This is a Full Action and  costs 15 Fatigue Points to use. 

Epic: Achieving higher levels of power you are able to wield powerful Hexes. You are able to place a major hex on a target that you  can see that is within 30' radius. You cause the target to make a  Willpower TS check equal to half your rank (maximum of 12). Those that  fail suffer a malediction that causes them to suffer a -1 success  penalty per two of your Charisma or Willpower Modifier that lasts for 1  turn per your Willpower Modifier. This major hex lasts for d10+1 turn  per your Willpower Modifier. Each turn a target is granted a new  Willpower check, on its turn, in order to end the effects. 

Paragon:  You now gain the ability to lay spoken curses on targets that are  within 30' radius and can hear you. Three times per day you are able to  attempt to lay any level of curse at a target using the rules found on  pg. 53 of the Legends of Kralis: Game Master's Guide. The Charisma TS of  each of the curses are reduced by 2 for you when using this ability.  This is a Full Action and costs 20 Fatigue per use.

Hex Magic
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