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Raise Dead


Ability Prerequisite: Necromantic Studies, Lore (Necromancy) 75; Will 75 

Fatigue Point Cost: See Below 

Merit Point Cost: 1500 

Action Type: 1 Minute (6 Turns)

         By means of this ability you have gained an innate knowledge to  create and raise minor dead things.  You are able to tap into Negative  Energy to raise the dead from the area around you.  As a Full Action you  can raise 1 dead entity per  Willpower score (see below). These undead  things will obey you to their utter destruction or for up to 1 turn per  Willpower success (maximum of 10 minutes). Each type of undead requires  you to be successful with a Willpower check vs. TS requirement. You are  able to raise the following if the area supports them:        

Skeleton (Animated)          TS 3          Fatigue Cost: 10 per use           1 Per 15 Willpower Score        

Zombie (Common)             TS 5          Fatigue Cost: 15 per use           1 Per 20 Willpower Score        

Pyrites                                 TS 6           Fatigue Cost: 15 per use           1 Per 25 Willpower Score        

Skeleton (Azuthus)            TS 7           Fatigue Cost: 20 per use           1 Per 30 Willpower Score        

Zombie (Greater)               TS 8           Fatigue Cost: 20 per use           1 Per 40 Willpower Score

Raise Dead
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