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Ability Prerequisite: Master Tracker; Per 85 

Fatigue Point Cost: 15 per use 

Merit Point Cost: 1200 

Action Type: Simple

      As a master tracker you have elevated your ability to track a target,  with stalker you can now mark a specific, single creature that you can  see that is within 90' radius of you.  For 1 turn per 2 Perception  Modifier this target glows a light blue that only you can see.  During  this time you gain +20 in all skill checks vs. this target (Attack  Skill, Defenses, and any other appropriate skills as determined by the  GM).  Additionally, you increase your base damage with your weapons by  +2.    By expending 25 fatigue per use you can select one additional  target; by expanding 35 fatigue per use you can select 3 targets.

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