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Type: Element (Air); [force][creation]
Power Rank: 2
Range: Self
Duration: 6 Turns
Area of Effect: Caster
Activation Time: Simple
Defense: None
     When you cast Duplicity you  create 1 illusory duplicate of yourself for every 3 successes you gain  in your casting.  These illusions of you appear in your space up to a 5'  radius.  While the spell is active the duplicates mimic your actions  and movements.  At the same time you and the duplicates continually  shift position making it nearly impossible for anyone to determine which  one is the real you.
    Each time you are attacked or interacted  those that are attempting to determine which one is real they are  allowed a Wits check at a TS equal to 1 per 2 of your ranks.  If this is  successful they suffer no penalties in attacking you.  If they fail  they completely miss you.  This does not apply to area effecting attacks  such as spells or breath weapons.
   The duplicates can be destroyed  if they are hit with 10 or more successes in an attack.  The duplicates  are ineffective against those that cannot see, or use other means of  detection such as blind sight, echolocation, seismic sense, sense  movement or other abilities and spells that grant users to locate the  real you.

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