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      Avenger are harbingers of vengeance and wrath that focus on slaying  chosen foes and enemies, often for very personal reasons.  They hunt  down these enemies with zeal and vigor to deliver their brand of justice  and vengeance, seeking retribution for a great wrong committed by  others.  They are often personally victimized by the wrongdoing of their  target and to such an extent that it consumes everything they do to  work towards revenge.

Hook: After an older sibling slaughtered your entire clan, you have made it his mission in life to avenge your clan by killing them. 

Hook:  The victim of a heinous crime by a large and powerful syndicate you  have pledge yourself to punishing those that have committed crimes  against the innocent as well as working towards the downfall of criminal  syndicates. 

Hook: You have chosen to hunt down  those that have committed a grievous sin against a specific church, or  organization.  You often come in conflict with Bounty Hunters and others  that hunt wanted beings. 

Associated Skill Bonuses: Pick 3: +10 to either Acrobatics, Information Gathering, Interrogate, Lore (Streetwise), Lore (Tactics), Search 

Associated Bonuses: Gain One: +10 Reputation; +10 Bonus to Magical, Divine or Jinhu Defense; or +10 Bonus vs. Fear and Horror 

Starting Silver: 500 silver pieces

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