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     There is the Bounty Hunter, the Monster Hunter, the Inquisitor  and then there is the Investigator.  Whether on the trail of a fugitive,  following the clues of an ancient map, or tracking down a criminal  mastermind, investigators are motivated by more than just profit, or  vanquishing monstrous foes in the wilderness between settlements, or  hunting down heretics of the church, they are driven by an intense  curiosity about the world and the use of knowledge as their most  powerful weapon.  Investigators are a mix of ingenuity, daring and  eruditeness.  They are keen observers of the world, both the natural and  supernatural from where they gain a great deal of knowledge about any  situation they are in.  As a general rule they are always evaluating and  re-evaluating situations they come across, sizing up opponents and  looking for dangers in the tiniest of details.

Hook:  Your father once worked for the local magistrates office as a watch  warden.  You were always asking him questions about what he did and how  is day went.  Then one night he never made it home, your family was told  he was taken by some unknown force.  Fueled by this loss you began  training with various masters from around the region, years later you  now work towards solving the unsolvable, locating the lost, and putting  together the pieces. 

Hook: Not all  thieves and rogues work against the law, many times they are an integral  part of stopping crime, this where you have been working from for the  past few years. You also freelance with your skills in the employ of  nobles, merchants and the occasional commoner in seeking information,  collecting evidence or locating missing a cat. 

Hook:  After several years working for the local magistrate, you decided that  you would take a chance on setting up a private investigator's office in  a nearby city. A few months later watch wardens arrested you on the  suspicion of embezzlement of silver.  You know you were setup.   Sentenced to several years and fined thousands in silver, you were  finally released.  Now you are determined to get your reputation back,  rebuild your agency and find the ones who set you up. 

Associated Skill Bonuses: Pick 3: +10 to either Alchemy, Herbalism, Information Gathering, Lore (Choose 1),  Research, Skepticism 

Associated Bonuses: Gain One: +5 Heroic Luck; +15 Reputation; or +20 vs. Fear 

Starting Silver: 500 silver pieces

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