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     Necromancers are among the most notorious for being the  most alone. They prefer to surround themselves with the dead and the  undead. Many prefer to rule their own "kingdom of the dead". They are  thought to be of an evil philosophy as they devote themselves to death.  They tend to be secretive, furtive, and recluse which creates an aura of  distrust around them.  Dealing with the dead is not a normal, everyday  experience unless of course you are burying the dead in the local  graveyard. Though most necromancers live near areas where they have  access to their materials (the dead) of their work. Though many times  they roam the lands practicing their art for both good and ill.

Hook:  You were there when it occurred and you felt helpless to stop the death  of those around you.  Haunted by the horror of this you have devoted  yourself to learning how to bring back the dead, as well as the soul. 

Hook:  You have always been strange, weird, perhaps even creepy. You have  spent much of your life tending to the graves and funeral rites for your  village alongside your master. Tragically, you found your master dead  one night, the victim of natural aging. Now you seek for a way to bring  them back and to extend your own life. 

Hook:  Like all things that must end, you see death as a natural end.  Yet,  the horrors and terrors of the night have proven an abomination to your  belief and now you have taken it upon yourself to maintain this balance  of life and death. You dedicate yourself to ensuring that the dead stay  dead and those that have been fated to die, die. 

Associated Skill Bonuses: Pick 3: +10 to either  Alchemy, Healing, Lore (Arcane), Lore (Monster), Lore (Necromancy), Survival (Any 1) 

Associated Bonuses: Gain One: +5 Heroic Luck, +10 Health, +10 Fatigue, or +10' Base Movement 

Starting Silver: 250 silver pieces

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