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Time Delay

Time Delay
Type: Element( Air or Spirit); Jinhu; [alteration]
Power Rank: Varies (5, 7, 9)
Pathway/Symbol: Mizu/Ne, Nu, Xu, Hin
Range: 60'
Duration: See Below
Area of Effect: Special
Defense: Magical/Jinhu
     Creatures(PR  5):Time Delay allows the caster to target a number of creatures equal  to their willpower modifier and delay their actions. Targets are granted  a magical/jinhu defense check at a TS equal to 1 per 3 successes. Those  that fail have their turns delayed for 1 initiative count(they would  then take their turn after the creature below them in initiative)
     Actions(PR7):  The caster can now target a number of their own actions equal to their  willpower modifier. Any action can be delayed  for up to 1 turn per 3  successes. The caster can cause these actions to proceed as normal at  anytime.(For example: Gravity drop could be delayed for 5 turns, but  activated if the caster wanted on turn 3)
     Actions of others(PR9):  The caster is now able to target a number of actions performed by other  creatures equal to their willpower modifier. To do so, the caster must  succeed on a Wits check with a TS of 4 plus 1 per action targeted. If  successful, the caster must specify what and how many actions they are  delaying i.e: move actions, full actions, basic actions, and simple  actions. Targets are granted a magical/jinhu defense check at a TS equal  to 1 per 3 successes. Those that fail take their turn as normal, but  all specified actions are delayed for 1 initiative count. If the caster  specifies an action that the target does not perform, then that delayed  action rolls over to the caster.  This spell only targets the actions  that can be done remotely i.e: Spells, Thrown weapons and objects, etc.  Touch attacks such as punches, kicks, sword wielding, etc; are treated  as the creatures themselves as per the PR 5 portion of this spell.

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