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Anukari are extremely hostile shape-shifting entities that have the ability to assume the form of many things from a common chair (if they are small enough) to full size dragons (if they are old enough). Created by a long forgotten and extinct species, the Anukari are thought to be nothing more than a alchemical creation gone drastically and dangerously awry.  Anukari possess no inherent standard anatomy, its natural shape-shifting ability means that it can replicate any object of the same size it desires to in order to survive and reproduce. 

      There are three types of Anukari: Minor, Greater and Major.  The Minor Anukari are unable to shapechange into anything other than objects that their mass can support.  These can range from weapons, to chairs, to statues, to chests, to barrels, crates, even parts of a floor, wall or ceiling.  They take on the exact texture and colors of these things.

      The Greater Anukari are able to replicate the minor entities abilities but now can morph into insects, basic animals, and beasts. This morphing is not perfect, there is something just a bit off, on a causal look they are not easy to pick out, but with a Perception Check at TS of 8 these differences can be seen, granting a +2 to the Wits check for detecting an Anukari.

      The final form of the Anukari, the Major form can perfectly morph into any mortal entity that it has knowledge of. While a Major Anukari is very rare to encounter, what form they are in can make encountering them even more rare or legendary.  Object and Insect forms: Common; Animal Forms: Uncommon; Beast forms: Rare; Humanoid and Monstrous Humanoid form: Very Rare; Dragon Form: Legendary.

      In order to detect a Anukari, onlookers must make a Wits check based on how familiar they are with the object, or entity: No Familiarity - TS 12; Some Familiarity - 8; Familiarity - TS 6; Very Familiar - 4. 

      An Anukari's only "thought" is of assimilition and self-preservation. If one is discovered it will do what ever it can or must in order to avert attention and suspicion. When it is left alone with a suitable target, it will split open and fire out tendrils, which grab the target and begin to assimilate it. There are times that if an Ahukari is discovered befor it can complete an absorbtion and morphing, it will split it self, become lesser versions of the orginal in order scuttle away to a safer location and attempt to absorb-asssimlate another target at another time. This generally only occurs with Greater or Major Anukari.  

Creature Type: Supernatural

Treasure: Personal No; Lair Yes

Environment: Any

Organization: solitary

        All Anukari share similiar abilities:

         Absorb The creature is able to absorb others as part of a natural attack. This is normally done in conjunction with a creature that can engulf other creatures, but this not always the case. If the creature is able to “bear hug”, engulf, wrap around or some other way get itself around the target it can begin to absorb it. 

        Any time that the creature attempts to absorb another creature it must make a standard grappling check in order to grab the target. If successful with the grapple check it is able to begin to absorb the target. Targets are able to attempt to escape the grappling of the creature once each turn until half of it has been absorbed by the creature. Grappled creatures increase their checks by +2 TS.

        However, those that are not fortunate enough to break free in a turn, find themselves being absorbed a bit at a time, depending on the size of the target. Small targets are completely absorbed in 2 turns, medium 4, large 6, huge 8, giant 10, colossal 12, mega 14. Once a target is fully absorbed, the creature then begins “digesting” it, a process that can takes several days, by then the target is dead from suffocation. While fully absorbed the victim suffers (creatures Stamina modifier) in “digestion” damage every turn until it is dead or has suffocated. Additionally, absorbed creatures also begin to suffocate. Creatures can only absorb targets that are up to 1 size smaller than it.

         Adhesive The creature exudes a thick slime over its body that can act as a powerful adhesive, holding fast any creatures or items touching it. Creatures or items can be pulled off a living creature with a successful Strength check at a TS of 2 per size (maximum TS 12). This can be attempted once per turn per limb that is stuck to the creature or hold that the monster has on the target +3. Strong alcohol instantly dissolves the adhesive. The creature can dissolve its adhesive at will, and the substance breaks down 5 turns after the creature dies.

         Ambush Predator As shapshifting monsters Anukari are one of the most perfect ambush predators in the Omniverse. Targets that they attack are considered Sneak Attacked, and must make an Alertness, or Perception check at a TS of 10.  Those that fail suffer the penalities under Sneak Attacks (pg 339;Playes Guide).

         Crush (Tentacle Constriction) With a successful attack, the creature can grapple a target and begin to crush it. If the creature is twice the size of the target it can completely engulf the target, and can begin to crush the target with its body. Those attacked in this fashion are allowed an opposed Agility Check or Strength check to avoid this grapple effect. The creature gains a +2 success bonus to this check. Those that fail are considered grappled by the creature and take 2d10 per size of the creature points in damage every turn, this damage ignores (half or all) armor absorption. Those that are held are allowed to attempt an escape from the crushing as per the grapple rules every turn. Unless the creature releases the target it must be killed and its hold forcefully opened. 

         Maw Anukari gnerally have one great maw filled with thousands of sharp teeth that they use to rend victims apart as they are pulled by their large tentacles and tendrils.  Minor and greater Anukari generally have only one mouth, where as major Anukari can have up to 4 seperate mouths, with one being larger than the others.

         Shapechange Twice per day the creature can shapeshift into any sized object, animal, beast or humanoid (including monstrous humanoids) or into its standard form (generally an ooze blob form) for up to 2d10+3 hour(s). Any equipment that is carried is fused into the shape. Its attributes are modified accordingly, and they gain only the purely physical qualities of the beings they shapeshift into – this power cannot duplicate special powers. The shapechange takes 5 turns. If the creature is knocked unconscious or slain while shapeshifted, they revert to their normal shape. Each size can shapechange into any shape so long as it maintains its normal physical size.

         Tentacles The creature has 6-10 of long tentacle appendages that have a strike range of 5’ radius per size up to 15' radius. These tentacles have a number of suction-like cups that can be used to grab hold of targets that are within range. When a creature wishes to use these to attack a target they must make a touch attack against the target as a Simple Action.

         Tentacle Grapple The creature is much better at grappling with a target than others because of its greater number tentacles. The creature gains an additional +1 success for every two tentacles it uses in a grapple against a target.

         Tentacle Lash The creature has a number of long, tentacle like appendages that have a strike range of 10’ that it can use as a normal attack. The tentacles have long, sharp bone ridges embedded in them that do a base of 4 points of damage per success. The creature also does 10 electrical damage to those that it successfully hits this electrical damage ignores armor absorption. This is an electrical energy type.

Anukari, Minor

(MP:1225)      Rarity: Rare              5th  Rank - Neutral  (Small:18" to 4')

                                                           (3 - 7 Rank Challenge)

Health Points: 68 (34 / 17)                       Initiative: 30 /0

Attack Skill: 107

Attacks: Tentacles and Tendrils (4) Bite (6)                      

Armor: Carapace (Light Armor)15; +5 Armor Absorb vs. Bludgeoning weapon types

Physical Defense: 62             Magical Defense: 58 

Divine Defense: 62                Jinhu Defense: 61

Move: Varies based on Form (0' - 25')           Luck Points: 10     Vision: Normal

Attributes :Str: 102 (10) Sta: 83 (6) Agi: 102 (10) Per: 104 (10)

                 Int: 55 (1) Wits: 66 (3) Will: 97 (9) Cha: 102 (10)


Alertness 75, Climb 81, Evade 81, Intimidation 81, Search 81, Stealth 81, Swimming 77, Track 81

Special Abilities

Electrical Charge Three times per day as a Simple Action the creature is able to create a bubble of electrical energy to erupt around itself up to 10’ radius . All those within the area gain a Stamina check at a TS of X. Those that fail are Stunned for 1 turn per Stamina Modifier. This is electrical energy type.

Gas Spore  Once per combat turn the creature is able to release a large gas spore either at will as a Simple Action or as a result of its death. This gas is a yellow-green cloud that envelops an area equal to up 15' radius around it. All creatures, other than creatures like itself, within the area of effect must make a Stamina check at a TS of X or suffer (2 times the creatures Stamina Modifier in) damage and are stunned for 2d10 turns. 

Anukari, Greater

(MP:2880)      Rarity: Rare              12th  Rank - Neutral  (Large)

                                                            (10 - 16 Rank Challenge)

Health Points: 192 (96 / 48)                       Initiative: 22 /12

Attack Skill: 164

Attacks: Tentacle (8) Bite (12)                      

Armor: Dragon Like Hide (Heavy Armor)36; +10 Armor Absorb vs. Piercing/Bludgeoning; +5 Armor Absorb vs. Slashing Weapons

Physical Defense: 97                Magical Defense: 104

Divine Defense: 99                   Jinhu Defense: 103

Move: 20'           Luck Points: 8     Vision: Normal

Attributes :Str: 112 (12) Sta: 106 (11) Agi: 87 (7) Per: 86 (7)

                 Int: 102 (10) Wits: 93 (8) Will: 100 (10) Cha: 93 (8)


Alertness 95, Convince 97, Climb 94, Evade 94, Feint 95, Healing 99, Information Gathering 99, Intimidation 97, Search 95, Skepticism 95, Stealth 94, Swimming 106, Survival 99, Track 99


Special Abilities


Anukari, Major

(MP:4710)      Rarity: Rare              20th  Rank - Neutral  (Huge)

                                                            (18 - 22nd Rank Challenge)

Health Points: 420 (210 / 105)                       Initiative: 30 /25

Attack Skill: 230

Attacks: Tentacles (10) Bite (15)                      

Armor: Dragon Hide (Heavy Armor)87; +15 Armor Absorb vs. Bludgeoning; +10 Armor Absorb vs. Slashing; +5 Armor Absorb vs. Piercing; Immune to Tiny or Small Weapon Damage; 20% Magic Resistance

Physical Defense: 138                   Magical Defense: 154

Divine Defense: 145                      Jinhu Defense: 147

Move: 25'           Luck Points: 8            Vision: Heightened Nightvision

Attributes :Str: 141 (18) Sta: 137 (17) Agi: 76 (5) Per: 83 (6)

                 Int: 102 (10) Wits: 100 (10) Will: 103 (10) Cha: 92 (8)


Alertness 104, Convince 105, Climb 104, Evade 104, Feint 104, Healing 107, Information Gathering 105, Intimidation 105, Search 104, Skepticism 104, Stealth 104, Swimming 108, Survival 105, Track 107

Special Abilities


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