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Boo Haju

        Boo Haju are creatures of the night and are similar to that of the vampire in that they are beings that feed off of living mortals. Unlike vampires, they gain sustenance from a being's breath, as opposed to their blood, by "riding" their victims during the night. 

        When a Boo Haju hunts its territory it looks for a suitable victim, some mortal with great stamina, fatigue and great power, especially magical or divine. This haju will graft a link to a chosen victim and drain them of their Fatigue leaving them with just enough that they are weakened or easily knocked out to be added to their cellars of victims. Boo Haju are normal a deep red in color with bulging blue veins, their normal skin haggard, aged rotting version of a normal mortal. In order to be less conspicuous, they will steal the skin of one of their victims and use it for as long as it holds out, wearing it as one might wear clothing. 

        There are some warning signs to let you know that a boo haju is close. First, the air will become very hot and damp; the air will smell like something is rotting and their presence kills nearby flowers and vegetation. It can also cause temporary amnesia through hypnotic trance in those around it causing them to forget that the target even exists. 

        When a boo haju determines a victim is suitable for draining, it will generally gain access to them in anyway it can. The boo haju will then position themselves over the sleeping victim, sucking their breath. This act renders the victim helpless, and induces a deep dream-filled sleep. Boo haju will keep victims alive, so as to use them again for their energy. However, if the victim dies from a loss of fatigue or health, the haju will take their skin, leaving the victim to rot. They will then use this new skin to infiltrate small towns, areas, regions or even districts of cities to begin their hunt again. 

Boo Haju 

(MP: 2,750) (Rare)                   15th Rank - Evil (Medium) (13-17th Rank Challenge) 

Health Points: 168 

Attack Skill: 185/175/165                              Initiative: 21 

Attacks: Claw (6; a10), Bite (9; a15); +7 Str Dmg 

Armor: Heavy Skin Hide (15) ; +10 Armor Absorb vs. Bludgeoning Weapon type; Immune to Slashing 

Physical Defense: 110         Magical Defense: 110 

Divine Defense:109             Jinhu Defense: 112 

Move: 25’                 Luck: 7                 Vision: Perfect Nightvision 

Attributes: Str: 87 (7) Sta: 89(8) Agi: 84 (6) Per: 93 (9) 

                    Int: 87 (7) Wits: 82 (6) Will: 87 (7) Cha: 95 (9) 


Alertness 103, Climb 101, Convince 101, Evade 101, Feint 103, Healing 103, Information Gathering 102, Intimidation 101 Languages 101, Search 103, Skepticism 103, Spellcraft 125, Stealth 101, Swimming 101, Survival 102, Track 103 

Creature Type: Supernatural 

Treasure: Personal No; Lair Yes 

Environment: Any 

Organization: solitary 

Special Abilities 

Ability Drain

         When successfully damaging a target, the creature can cause an ability of the target to stop functioning for 1 day per rank of the creature. This can be avoided by the target with a successful Willpower check at a TS 8. This is a curse effect. 

Alter Dream

         The creature is able to sabotage or alter the dream of a dreamer to cause torturous results and scenarios. Those that the creature targets must make a Willpower check at a TS of 8; otherwise the landscape and scenario becomes a nightmare of evil and darkness. This causes the victim to suffer as though they had only 1 hour of rest. This can only be targeted at those that are asleep and effects last until the target gains 8 hours of rest. 

Antimagic Zone

         The creature can produce a 60 foot cone of antimagic in front of them. This cone continually causes all magical effects from spells to be dispelled, or suppress the effects of magical items. The creature may activate or deactivate this ability as it chooses, for as long as it chooses. This is a Move Action to activate and deactivate. 

Aura of Fear

         Any creatures,other than the creature, or creatures of an evil philosophy, that are within 15’ radius of the creature must make a Willpower check at a TS of 8. Those that fail are Scared (Fear). Defense needs to only be made once per encounter with the creature type. This effect lasts until the creature is slain or driven off. The creature can activate or deactivate this aura as a Simple Action. This is a charm effect. 

Charming Gaze

         Twice per day through its stare the creature can often charm others. This uncanny ability allows the creature to be able to stare at an individual that is within 15’. This gaze forces the target to make a Perception check at a TS of 8. Those that fail are caught in the creature’s gaze and become immediately charmed by the creature for as long as the creature can maintain the stare. Opponents become flustered by the stare and suffer -35 to all checks while the creature maintains the stare. This gaze can be maintained each turn as a Basic Action. This can only be used against living creatures with an Intelligence greater than 45. Defense needs to only be made once. 

Dominate Target, Greater

          Once per day as a Full Action the creature is able to attempt to dominate the will of targets that are within 25’ radius of the creature. The creature can dominate up to 4 targets. Target is allowed a Willpower check at a TS of X in order to resist the attempt. Those that fail become dominated by the creature for (1 turn per 2 ranks of creature). This domination allows the creature to control the thoughts and actions of the targets as it sees fit; including causing the dominated targets to put themselves into harm’s way. Doing so allows the targets an immediate standard Willpower check to snap out of the domination in time to save themselves. This is charm effect type. 

Force Blast

         Once per turn as a Simple Action the creature is able to generate a force around itself causing all those that are within 10’ radius of it to be blasted back. This blasts deals 4d10+5 points of fatigue damage, and forces all affected to check versus Knock Back (Strength) at a TS of 8 or be blasted out of the radius and be stunned for d10+5 turns. This is force energy type. 

Mind Blast

         Three times per day as a Basic Action the creature is able to deliver a massive blast of mental energy at a single target that is within 15’ radius. The target gains an Intelligence check at a TS of 8. Those that fail suffer 3d10+10 in fatigue damage. This is a charm effect type. 

Skin Walker

         Once per day the boo haju can attempt to take the skin of a victim they just killed. The target must be dead for the boo haju to wear its skin. In doing so the boo haju gains the physical appearance, including species, height, weight, and age. The creature can assume any form that it knows, but the creature must be within two sizes of its normal size in order to assume the appearance of larger or smaller sizes. This only replicates the physical appearance of the target creature. Moving from 1 form to another form takes 5 turns. Those viewing the altered creature are allowed a Wits check based on familiarity: No Familiarity - TS 10; Some Familiarity - TS 8; Familiarity - TS 6; Very Familiar - 4.

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