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In the beginning when the Omniverse sprung into life when the One  split the Light from the Chaos, and formed the three Overlords of the  Omniverse: Elal, Gishra and Azahak.  And at the beginning of the  Omniverse each of these Overlords created species to fill the known and  unknown.  It was Azahak, the Lord of Darkness, acting as an agent of the  Great Chaos that brought forth the 13 Demon Lords.  These Demon Lords  gave birth to legions of other demons and vile creatures.  In each of  their unique realms in the Celestial Omniverse did these Demon Lords as  well as the Princes and Princesses of Neter-Kheret rule with absolute  authority.  It is in these dark corners of the Celestial Realms, and the  13 Known Dimensions do the creatures known as demons come.

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