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      Shayutan are known to be very vicious creatures attacking and killing  mortals for no other reason that for the sheer joy of it.  Most Shayutan  have very a deep desire for power wanting to conquer regions of the  Celestial Realms, often challenging demons, horrific entities, and dark  deities while doing so.  They are quite hostile the order of nature and  mortal kind.  They are known to make dark pacts, teach sorcery, inspire  the weak-willed to fight with the faithful and secretly listen on mortal  kind.  They help protect wicked nations, encourage murder and rebellion  and pushes mortals to betray each other.

      Yet, despite all their  hatred towards nature and mortal-kind they hate the misery of their own  existence.  They are very vindictive beings, warring against each other  as much as they war against and manipulate mortal kind. These creatures  are always looking for others to blame when they have suffered or have  failed in their machinations.  This is what often drives these creatures  to exact revenge against whoever they felt was responsible for this  failing or suffering, whether they knew the truth or not. Shayutan are  highly emotional and volatile creatures, often acting on these emotions  and with enough pushing could be made to make mistakes that worked  against their ultimate goals.

           Shayutan are a sub-set of fiends. They are thought of as evil spirits in most beliefs often inciting mortals to sin.  Shayutan are  described as ugly and grotesque creatures created from the hell-fires of  Prax Dyn and other hellish regions of the Celestial Realms.     

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