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Game Balance

    In Legends of Kralis, there is no true concept of "balance." While we have included ranks within the bestiary to make it easy for you as a GM to figure out what not to use to avoid killing the entire party. We have also included a discussion on how to determine difficulty levels so you have an idea of what would be a challenge or not be a challenge for characters at a specific rank.

    We have attempted to balance the game, but in the end, there is no actual balance within the game, simply because there exists the random factor of dice rolls. The system will allow for a low-ranking character the chance to take out a much higher ranking character, and while shocking to some who might see this as a bad thing, it adds a layer of danger, while remote, still implies that even the lowliest of creatures are still a threat.

    No formula that indicates that N number of Rank X creatures is a good match for Rank Y characters. Every monster and task should be challenging for players through out their entire "life".

    Try not to focus on game balance, which is inherently a fuzzy concept and term, rather focus on everyone having fun. But be aware of challenges both as too easy or too difficult.

    All of this, however, does depend on the situation at hand. If the PCs are worn down from previous encounters or have the right combination of abilities, all balance can go right out the window. Which is why there is no exact system for balancing encounters. Character death is unlikely, but there is always the risk that a character could die if they are worn out, alone or do not have the right abilities or equipment.

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