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    Beyond death there lies a great, vast Omniverse both physical and ethereal.  These places are ruled by demons, angels, gods and spirits (spectrals).  Spectrals are the essences of the remains of characters and other beings that have died.  These spectrals are essentially ghosts, but have not yet been infected by Negative Energy and have returned to the physical world to continue on in their lives as normal, as normal as a ghost can in a physical, mortal world.
  Spectrals have a range of looks from slightly blue-glowing Manax, to deep golden hues of a Fhen Khanur to the pale greys of Formorians. 

    Most of the time spectrals appear as they did when they died.  However, many spectrals take the time and effort to appear as they did before death, covering up death marks.  But all spectrals are able to use their deaths as tools of intimidation and power against mortals.

   Just as there are thousands of different types of creatures in the world with hundreds of different types of personalities, so do spectrals run the gamut of personalities and quirks.  Many spectrals retain their original personalities
   Note: This character can only be taken by a player once his character has died, once this occurs the player may take the Spirit Template.  Only those in the only Legends of Kralis Player Species can take the Spirit Template.


    Species Merit Cost: 1500
   Age: Immortal
   Size: As previous, but can adjust to one size smaller or larger
   Weight: Nonewwww
   Vision: Spectrals have Heightened Nightvision
   Move: Base Move of 50 feet per Movement Action
   Languages: Spectrals begin play speaking whatever languages they knew before death
   Resistances: Immune to Fear Checks and Horror Checks
   Spectral Bonuses: +15 Alertness checks
   Spectral Attribute Modifiers: +10 to any two: Agility, Perception, Intelligence, Wits

   Vulnerability: Can be Turned as per Divine Knowledge Turning

     Spectral traits are different from those that most PC’s have.  All spectrals have the following traits that only they can gain.

     Death Transformation. Because spectral are dead, but not undead, they are able to create a number of transformations in order to fright or intimidate others. There are four transformations that a spectral is able to achieve; once every 5 ranks and must take them in order: Disturbing, Repulsive, Gruesome, and Horrific.  Once achieved a spectral can remain in the form as long as they wish.

  •    Disturbing: This transformation causes the spectral to take on a more vile look that leaves the spectral in more of a death look, with wounds more aggravated, darker and more present.  This look takes Basic Action, takes 10 Fatigue per turn to have and results in all those looking at the spirit to make a Wits check at TS 6.  Those that fail are disturbed by the presence and suffer -25 penalty to all skill checks while the spectral is within sight.

  •    Repulsive:  This transformation is more disgusting and repulsive, wounds are larger, marks are deeper and there is an overpowering smell that lingers around the spectral.  This look takes a Basic Action, takes 15 Fatigue per turn to maintain. All those looking at the spirit to make a Wits check at TS 8.  Those that fail are disturbed by the presence and suffer -30 penalty to all skill checks while the spectral is within sight.  

  •    Gruesome:  The transformation of gruesome is just that.  It is nearly impossible to look at, has a foul, rotting stench and can send weaker willed individuals into bouts of fright.  This look takes a Simple Action to achieve, takes 20 Fatigue per turn to maintain. All those looking at the spirit to make a Wits check at TS 10.  Those that fail are considered Terrified (see Fear in the Legends of Kralis Game Master's Guide)

  •    Horrific: This final transformation is the most disgusting, horrific and horrid visage that the spectral can change into.  The transformation takes a Full Turn to achieve, takes 25  Fatigue per turn to maintain.  All those looking at the spectral to make a Wits check at TS 12.  Those that fail are simply unable to do nothing more than to back away from the spirit, either running away screaming, or crawling with tears of fear


     Flight Through the use of this ability the creature is able to fly without wings at a MC of B.  This is a permanent feature and can be activated and deactivated by the spectral at anytime.  The creature is able to fly at a speed equal to twice its normal movement as well as hover in place.  Unlike, winged flight the creature does not suffer any penalties to skills that require concentration to use. They can carry up to 1/2 their Stamina Score in total weight with no penalties.  Wearing any armor greater than light slows their flight movement by half.

     Instantiate.  Spectrals can control their physical states.  Most of the time spectrals are in an invisible, an insubstantial form that cannot effect the physical world, this is the Ethereal form.  In this form spectrals can look upon the living but must become fully manifested to actively engage the physical world.  Instantiate allows a spectral to become physical and able to interact with the physical world.  Instantiate takes a Basic Action and can be maintained for 1 hour per rank since becoming a spectral.

     Possession.  A spectral is able to posses the body of living and dead (not undead) creatures once per day.  The possession allows the spirit to physically touch the real world and have the feeling of sensations once more.  Possessing is not an easy task, particularly a living host. When a spirit attempts to posses a dead creature the spirit simply needs to make a Willpower check.  Once possessed the spirit takes the body over and retains all their Attributes and Abilities as they do as a spirit.
   Possessing a living creature is not recommended as the fight for the body can destroy the spectral.  When a spectral attempts to posses the character the spectral must make a Willpower check at -5 penalty per three ranks of the creature he is attempting to posses.  If this fails the spectral simply cannot posses the being.  If the check is successful the spectral is then able to posses the creature, replacing its Mental Attributes with the spectrals.  Possession can only last for 1 turn per Willpower Modifier.  
   Each turn of a possession of an unwilling creature, the spectral must make a Willpower check at the above penalty for possession.  If the spectral fails it is ejected from the body and takes half of its current Health as damage.

Spectral Template
Health Points: +10
Fatigue Points: +20
Attack Skill: +15
Bonus Damage: Chill (+10)
Physical Defense: +10    Magical Defense: +10
Divine Defense: -20     Jinhu Defense: +20

Armor: Ethereal Body (12)
Move: +15’
Luck Points: +2
Initiative: +10
Attributes: Str: +0, Sta: +0, Agi: +15, Per: +10
                    Int: +10, Wits: +15, Wil: +15, Chr: +5
Vision: Heightened Nightvision

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