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Legends of Kralis is a science fantasy role playing game set the world of Kralis within the vast Omniverse, a heroic aetherpunk setting where technology and magic co-exist in a rich setting where players take on the roles heroes, a Legend of Kralis, and are thrown into grim and gritty adventures fighting against the agents of Chaos, solving dark mysteries, attempting to stop sinister plots, exploring ancient ruins of lost civilizations, or discovering new worlds drifting through the Void.
Legends of Kralis draws its inspiration from Star Wars, Valérian and Laureline, Dune, Stargate, Redwall, Princess of Mars, War of the Worlds, Thundarr the Barbarian, Planet of the Apes, and other great science fiction and science fantasy fiction from around the world.

  • Why are there Penalties on Skills/Abilities instead of requiring a minimum number of successes or setting a Target Success instead?
    They are two different things. Since Kralis is an oppositional system a TS is like an oppositional role with the same outcome. While penalties to the score have a smaller granular modifier to the possibilities of success. It all boils down to if you can succeed (Penalties/Bonuses to Scores) vs how well you succeed (+/- TS). They seem like they are competing but they are actually supporting each other and the game play.
  • So, What happens when you run out of Fatigue vs Health?
    When you run out of Fatigue you fall unconscious for some time, this can range from a few turns to minutes, to hours. When you run out of Health you begin to take Bleeding Damage and will die when your character reaches their Stamina Score in negative health.
  • IF you are updating the system once a year, does that make the previous "editions" unusable?
    No. The core rules of Legends of Kralis, will never change. I have always disliked the re-editioning of systems as they have a history of making your books obsolete or incompatible with the first book. I have also been open about how these updates will be presented. There will always be an PDF with the updates available, which come with the page number, what the rule was, and what has changed. From the start, my goal has been to ensure that Legends of Kralis will forever be playable by someone who has the first books alongside with the newest update. We do not believe in making you purchase a new book unless you want to, and when you do you will have all the updates that occurred in that year available to you via PDF Updates, the core rule PDFs and new books. Updates to physical products will be updated once per year in April. Thanks for playing my game!!! Stay Legendary!!!

Welcome to the home of the Talarius Gaming System
and the Legends of Kralis, where we shout

"Cry Havoc and Let Loose your Imagination!

Experience the excitement imaginative shared storytelling filled with lots of gripping plots, horrific creatures and a vast world filled with dangers and excitement.
The very core to the Legends of Kralis is storytelling.  Combined with the Talarius dice mechanic, Legends of Kralis helps create characters that are truly legendary.  The Legends of Kralis game is a vastly detailed gaming experience that allows players to choose any one of 15 different core-races from the small and able bodied Manax to the large and powerful Troll.  From there you get to create the character that you choose as there are no restrictive classes just a multitude of skills and abilities that you can combine to allow you to create the exact character you wish.


        Legends of Kralis is set in the world of Kralis, one of many planets and dimensions that make up a fictional Omniverse. It is best defined as a aetherpunk science-fantasy roleplaying setting.
        It takes everything cool about the genre and throws it in your face. Wanna taking on the Blue Scarab criminal syndicate? Fierce monsters? Take on void-faring werathi pirates? Take out a mad undead yaqu? Smuggle supplies to a void station held under the iron fist of the Jalaek Cartel?  
        It is all out there, but here the villains hurl spells of destruction with one hand and fire their energy blasters with the other, the monsters are hired Abyssal Warriors guarding an ancient keep and slave compound, and the yaqu? It controls and owns the slaving organization that supplies slaves to the void-faring werathi pirates that are contracted by the Blue Scarab criminal syndicate that has an alliance with the Jalaek Cartel to supply them with slave, weapons and supplies.
        The chance to face all these dangers is what becoming a Legend of Kralis is all about.  It is full of action, adventure and a sense of wonder.  The players and the heroes are larger than life. The villains are cunning and complex.  The known Omniverse has a lived-in, well-used look and feel to it, but there are still many stories to be discovered and played through.
   You get to create familiar stories, but they may never been told quite this way before. It has powerful mythic elements that speak to the heart of role-players. It is epic in its scope. And it’s fun.
        Legends of Kralis is a complete universe.  It is self-contained and it must be taken on its own terms.  You will find empires, pirates, nomads, criminal syndicates, cartels, ancient dungeons, void bases, airships, void ships, and so much more.  
        You will ride through world by cart, horse, or levitation bikes, or you will sail above the surface on great airships, you might slip through a world gate to suddenly find yourself on a distant world or a dark dimension and must fight your way back.
        You may find yourself working to stop incursions of Chaos in the world, or you may find yourself the crew and captain of a ship taking on jobs both above board and underhanded.  You could find yourself on the wrong side of any one of the hundreds of cartels or criminal syndicates.  You may also find yourself on the opposite side of the laws of the great Sapphire City Dardura Sheva, the greatest city in the Omniverse.
        The right hero at the right time can shift the fates, and heroes willing to fight for their beliefs are often the greatest resource a village, town, or great city can possess.  There are adventures to be had in dealing with the power of Void as much as the power of the local realms, where heroes are needed to foil sinister plots and bring victory and hope.
        Yet not every hero has a mind for high goals and legendary status.  There many that desire nothing more than freedom and the silver to enjoy it.  Whether its hauling cargo to backwater realms or distant worlds, or selling their skills to the most silver, these mercenary adventurers go where the pay is good and the danger is manageable.  Others have greater ideals, holding allegiances to family, kin, clan, villages, city, country or world.
        Legends of Kralis is designed to be a “sandbox” game, where both the players and the Game Master can go where they want to achieve what they want, where the PCs are not the only important figures and where a hero does not have any plot armor against failure or even death.



Single Unified Mechanic

A resolution mechanic based exclusively on d100 rolls allowing for fast resolution of actions.

Customizable Characters

As a classless system with a combination of species choice, focuses, skills and abilities allows you to build a character the way you envision them.

Character Driven Play

Characters are driven by more than their Attributes, each character is driven by their Aspects, Motivations and Backgrounds that tell something significant about the character: why they went into the big bad world and the reason why they stay in the fight or who they have sworn to serve or protect.

Fast, Lethal Tactical Combat

Under the same unified resolution mechanic combat is fast and deadly and can be used tactically with grids or described narratively without relying on combat tables.

Powerfully Easy Magic System

Under the same unified mechanic that uses Fatigue Points and three types of "magic": Formulaic Spells, Divine Powers, and Jinhu Energies.  Open to every character to further your specific character concept.

Journey & Discover

Travel through ancient lands, or to distant worlds or explore the vastness of the Void with a system aimed at creating  epic science fantasy stories and adventures.

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Reviews and Testimonials

This system is amazing. I love that you get attack and defense on every turn so its not about armor class its all about the dice and rolls. Skill are great and you can use it in any setting. -Brad W.

Legends of Kralis is a highly flexible and customizable system. It delivers the solid "crunch" that many veteran TTRPG fans crave, without the deep delve that more archaic systems had. Having rolled a character, I can confidently say that it allows for a great breadth of characters to be played. And having watched a bit of streamed gameplay of it, the system runs smoothly enough in action. I can recommend this to any experienced TTRPG fans or people who are starting to branch out from the standard experience of D&D. Furthermore, the tables, sorting of information, and artwork are put together in a great-looking and easy-to-digest package. By far and large, it's relatively straightforward to get the information you need at a quick glance. Overall, I am very pleased with this game, and await to see what Legends other players will tell! - Nick B

I have been playing with several groups that have been using the Legends of Kralis TTRPG rule set, and everyone has fallen in love with the games flexibility to allow for in depth character creation, mechanics that work smoothly and the immersion of role-playing that are supported by mechanical rules that sit in the background. The game is very inclusive and open to everyone. Their logo " All Legends Live Here", is true to its word be who want to be and do whatever your character wants. -Neal K

Legends of Kralis has an interesting and different take on a fantasy/sci-fi RPG, the system lets you build the character you want to play rather than the common constraints for class commonly found in other systems. Resolution mechanics are d100 based and combat is a nice mix of tactical and dramatic with out one over shadowing the other, and the game being lost to the mechanics. All in all I have enjoyed this system so far and will be looking forward to the kick starter when it begins -Simon E.

Talarius Gaming has done and amazing job creating this game. You can tell that a lot of heart and a lot of love was put into this game. You can play amazing characters and with all the options you are rarely going to have identical characters. In the game I'm part of we were able to steal an airship from air pirates. Got into several wonderful battles and even had a session where not a single die was rolled. Kralis can fill all of your fantasy, sci-fi, and ttrpg needs and still have room for more. There is so much to learn and I cannot give this system enough love.

This game has me wishing it was around years ago! With its ability to allow your character to do whatever you want both as a mechanical set and an immersive roleplaying game there is no limit to what you can do. It’s a blast customizing character with out the restraint of other systems. That paired with the very clear rules within the Game Master's guide for reference keeps the player's story and the game moving without no effort. - Chad R.

A very interesting take on fantasy and sci-fi with a lot of potential. The rules are fairly straight forward with a bit of crunch to it. Legends of Kralis uses a D100 roll under system that is fairly intuitive along with some interesting exploding dice mechanics for combat. When it comes to the character creation, you are presented with quite a load of options for a quickstart. I'm fond of the philosophy system that gives you an idea of what your character might be like, or how you could apply it. No axis based alignment here! You definitely get to hone in on what you want your PC is-- Ninja Priest? Mage with a Plasma Scythe? all possibile. Moving on, the depth of the world seems to be very immense, I look forward to seeing the released final product that expands on what is currently available. - Thom O

The amount of creative freedom that this game offers from its character creation, to it skill usage, to its inclusion of abilities allows you to really create any character that you want to do. Just within the 15 different species the character development is incredible. As a classless system Legends of Kralis really gives "10,000 Nights" of story telling and options. -Alan R.

This game is awesome. Legends of Kralis has such an expansive and rich world, coupled with such highly customizable characters that there is something in here for everyone. The system is fairly easy to pick up and good for pretty much any situation. I particularly enjoy the sheer range of species available for play, as well as the multiverse setting which allows anything from standard high fantasy to science fiction. -Chris W.

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