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     Welcome to the Library of Legends and Lore (LoLaL), a monthly workshop where Talarius Gaming is going to show off a bunch of new and interesting pieces of design for use at your gaming table. The material presented here will mostly be, if not all, playtest material.  The mechanics will be in a draft form, while usable in your games and campaigns, have not been fully fledged out and tempered by play testers or iterations.  They can be very unstable and could throw your campaign into a mess; so if you use them be prepared to make a ruling on issues that they may cause.  They are not written in stone anywhere and are not yet considered core rules.

    The material presented in Legends and Lore will range from new mechanics, an update to a mechanic, that we are hoping to publish in a supplement to house rules that are used in our own games, which we hope to make official to make the game more fun.  This will include new or revised core system options, to setting specific material for the World of Kralis Campaign Setting.  Once we release it to the wild we would love to hear back from you on how you made it work, how you used it and how you broke it.   

     Hope you enjoy exploring the Library of Legends and Lore.

Kralis d20 - Coming 2024 Legends of Kralis d20 Success Core Rule Set.  Be able to play Legends of Kralis using the most recognized dice in the world the D20, alongside those that like the d100 system at the same table. The rules will be adapted for determination of successes in the same fashion as the d100.

Kralis Kreatures- Play as a noble humanoid animal (unlike the humanoid species of Manax, Sorex, Ba-liyan or others): such as mice, otters, moles, hares, squirrels, hedgehogs, shrews, birds, voles, and badgers; Explore the smaller world of fields, groves and abandoned mills as tiny or diminutive creatures! (coming soon 2024)

Kralis Kids - Playing a species youngster in the Legends of Kralis.  (coming soon 2024)

Check out the ever growing and newly discovered species within the Omniverse and the Legends of Kralis TTRPG

Find new backgrounds that will provide you with an ever expanding number of story cues all about your character’s identity and their background before they become an adventurer.

Get your hands on new abilities for your character and increase their strengths to take on the chaos of the world and rise to become more than just heroes!

There are more monsters in the Omniverse than any one book could ever be written about, but we are going to try.  Get your hands on new monsters for your campaigns and games!

Get your hands on some new weapons!

The Omniverse is filled with mystery and awe, and here mortals are attempting to capture these essences in new and dangerous ways!

While weapons and armor are a Legends best friends, magical weapons and Legendary Items are what sets your character apart from the mundane everyday being in the Omniverse.

Optional Rules

Low or No Magic
Wild Magic
Elemental Magic System

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