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Assassin's Punch

Bonds of Torment

Call the Dead, Greater

Dig Deep

Fetish Doll

Hex Malfunction

Oath of Bonding

Psychic Blast

Psychic Font

Psychic Illusions Mastery

Raise Dead

Slowing Hit

Storm of Maggots

Transfer Life

Astral Projection

Bone Armor

Change Their Hearts

Elder Spirit Transformation

Friend of the Night

Hidden Sight

One Foot in the Grave

Psychic Bolt

Psychic Force Field

Psychic Infiltration


Song of the Damned

Sun Child

Visions of Regret

Bad Vibe


Control the Shadows

Elemental Focus, Improved

Healing Obeahya

Insult to Injury


Psychic Domination

Psychic Healing

Psychic Shield

Shadow Form

Speak with the Dead

Swarm Master

Way of the Ahtma


Call the Dead

Deaths Guardian

Feeling in One's Bones

Hex Magic

Mental Paralysis

Promise of Death

Psychic Energy Absorption

Psychic Illusions


Shamisen Magic


Tactical Weakness

Weight of Khuma

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