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Wild Magic Optional Rules

       Spellcasters are known to take greater risks to cast their magic faster and easier in order to influence or harm others.  Many times this is done mechanically through the use of fatigue to increase the power of their spells (Player's Guide pg. 230).  However, there are ways to influence their magic in other ways, that do not cost fatigue, rather they tap into the raw wildness of the great weave in order to do this.
     Instead of spending fatigue to manipulate their spells, spellcasters (only) can gain the benefits of this ruleset but must tap into this wild, uncontrollable energy when they do.  Every time that a caster wishes to use the rules on page 230, they must first roll on the following wild magic result table, which may or may not affect the outcome of the spell but will have an effect on the caster or surrounding areas. These results of the effects cannot be affected, altered or changed by abilities.
       You may also chose to use this table to replace the Spell Failings rules on page 230.

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