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Insanity Optional Rule

          The Legends of Kralis TTRPG is well known for the depth of the rules as written.  This includes Insanity. The rules are written to allow those that want to play with the concepts of insanity. As with all rules and concepts not everyone feels comfortable with the rules as written; this also includes the concept of Insanity.

          The rules in the Game Master's Guide are the standard rules, and if playing with Insanity in any form makes players (including the GM) uncomfortable, you can swap it out with the optional rule of: Stress.  For those that wish to stick with the concept of Insanity without the RAW descriptions we present the optional rule for Insanity.  This optional rule has four (4) levels of insanity, each with a corresponding infliction. Infliction's begin with gaining 1 Insanity point.

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