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Low and No-Magic Game Optional Rule

      Legends of Kralis aims at helping you create a setting where magic and technology exist hand in hand.  Magic, as well as Technology, can be very powerful, but tends to be relatively rare in the mundane day-to-day world and life of NPC's and most societies.  While this works with most all of your settings, including the Legends of Kralis Campaign World, you may not want to have this much magic in the world (Technology is another topic for another optional rule).  Some areas or even worlds of your setting might not have any magic or it is extremely rare and subtle.

No-Magic Game
      For a no-magic game you as the GM should make the following adjustments within the rules.

  • Arcane Touch, Divine Presence and Enlightenment cannot be taken by players.  Any abilities that require any three of are also unable to be taken by players.

  • No magic items of any type are accessible.  Finely crafted items is as good as it gets for the players.

  • Character's can still take Spellcraft, Divine Knowledge and Jinhu Discipline in order to be used within any abilities that require them.

Low Magic Game
     In the core rules of Legends of Kralis, the Game Master's Guide has a set of rules for Levels of Gaming (pg. 36), which allows you as the Game Master to set the game at a specific difficulty.  However, those rules still allow for magic to be a relatively common thing among player characters.
     A low magic game or subtle magic game ruleset focuses on how accessible magic is the world.  The following guidelines should help with the specifics you as the GM want in the game. As GM you should sort through this list and pick out those that best charaterize the feel of the game you are trying to run.  Not every low-magic world has to be a gritty, dark and filled with fear, but sometimes it's exactly what your table wants.

  • For player character's Arcane Touch, Divine Presence and Enlightened access to Power Rank of spells decreases by 1:
                   Heroic: Can only cast up to PR 1 Spells; Legendary: Can only cast up to PR 2 Spells;
                   Epic: Can only up to PR 3  Spells; Paragon: Can only cast up to PR 5 spells.

  • All Fatigue for spells, divine powers, and jinhu are increased by +2 per Power Rank of spell for player character's

  • Magic Items are limited only to Common Rarity

  • Magic Items of any source cannot be created by player character's

  • Magical Spells can only be learned through two ways: Scrolls/other books or through instruction by an NPC's

  • No spell research is allowed, though you may permit PC's to find spells they specifically go to locate.

  • When casting spells, calling on divine powers or using jinhu critical failures increase from 96-00 to 76-00.

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