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Core Rule Books

Player's Guide

    Everything you need as a player to create Legendary Heroes for the Legends of Kralis roleplaying game.

     The Legends of Kralis Player's Guide is the essential rulebook and guide for anyone that wants to step into the world of Legends of Kralis.  Its all about the player character. It contains rules for character creation, backgrounds, rank advancement, skills and abilities, spells, equipment, combat, and pregen characters.

      This book gives you everything you need to create exciting legendary characters from among the most incredible species and backgrounds of the game.

Legends of Kralis is an immersive game world that thrusts your character into an aetherpunk science fantasy.  Explore the world, travel through the Void, battle against ancient entities and stand up against those that would see the world thrust back into ancient chaos.

    The Omniverse needs more than just heroes, it needs the Legends of Kralis.  Will  you answer the call?

Game Master's Guide

     While the players are the Legendary Heroes of the Legends of Kralis Roleplaying Game, the rest of the  Omniverse rests on your shoulders as the Game Master. What you hold in your hands is your guide and resource to help and better run your Legends of Kralis games. 

     It is packed with invaluable hints and information, and contains everything you need raise your game, from advice on the nuts and bolts for running the system to the way the players can interact with the physical world to crafting both magics
and technological items. Whether you have run just one game or thousands, this book is
designed to help you understand the rules and better run a Legends of Kralis Game.
     It includes:                

  •     Tips and Tricks for preparing and running a game of Legends of Kralis

  •     Guides for creating dungeons, cities, government systems, and other parts of the Omniverse

  •     Advice on being a better GM and working with players of all types

  •     Guides and charts to help you with everything from Downtime to Chase Scenes to Vehicle Combat to Gambling and more

  •     Advice on PC Death, Demigods, Deified Heroes, as well as numerous Alternate and Optional Rules and much more!

GM_Hardcover Book.png

Bestiary Guide I

The world about you is not a safe place and journeying from on location to another and is often filled with terrors as you encounter hordes of kaznarks, groups of oku looking for an easy score, flee from the depths of the Tav Aeduhn as you are hunted by fir darrig slavers or lorkach hunters.
The monsters contained within the Legends of Kralis: Bestiary I are pulled from myths, world lore, and the imaginings of many collaborators. Each creature is built with easy to use in game statistics to help the Game Master design thrilling stories for their players.

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