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Bad Vibe


Ability Prerequisite: Lore (Dark Magic); Hex Magic; 5th Rank 

Fatigue Point Cost: Varies 

Merit Point Cost: 1200 

Action Type: Varies

          With the use of this minor Hex, once per day per Willpower modifier,  the user can select one target that they can see within 30' radius.  The  target is granted a Wits check at a TS equal to 1 per success of the  the user's Lore (Dark Magic) check (maximum TS of 12).  Those that fail  suffer a -1 Success per Charisma Modifier of the Hex User to all their  checks for d10+1 Turn. The target is granted a new Willpower check at  the beginning of their turn to end this effect.  This is a Move Action  and costs 15 Fatigue Points to use.

Bad Vibe
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