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Ability Prerequisite: WeaponForte (Swords), Entertainment (Dancing); Arcane Touch; Melee Specialization; Must be Good Philosophy 

Merit Point Cost: 2000 

Action Type: Varies

       You have spent time learning to combine the use of dance, magical  energies and the fierceness of swordplay. As a blade singer you use  wordless, tunes of the blade as it is whirled through the air and traced  enchantments on your sword or dagger to gain certain abilities. You are  able to summon forth a bit of the great weave in order to create a  number of bonuses and abilities. You may only use bladed weapons of  large or smaller size with this ability. Each weapon is limited to a  number of traced enhancements based on their size: Tiny 2, Small 4,  Medium 8, Large 12.  You can re-trace these enchantments once per day.  You cannot wear Heavy Armor while using this ability. This ability has  four tiers of power. 


       Through the use of your Entertainment (Dancing) and expending traced  enhancements you infuse yourself and your weapon with some magic.  For  every 3 successes with your Entertainment(Dancing) skill check and  expending 2 Traced Enchantment per bonus you gain one or more of the  following bonuses until the beginning of your next turn.  This has a  Fatigue Cost of 10 per use and is a Move Action to activate: Gain +10 (maximum +50) to your Physical or Magical Defense     Increase your Movement by +10 (maximum of +50); Gain +10 (maximum +50) to your WeaponForte Skill 


       As part of your attack, you may attempt to disarm a foe, by infusing  your weapon with a bit of the Great Weave you can cause the target you  are fighting, who must be an opponent within 10' of you, to make a  either a Strength or Agility check at a TS of 1 per every 3 successes  you obtain in your Entertainment (Dancing) skill check.  Those that fail  have their weapon flung from its grasp up to 2d10+10 feet away.  You  may also expend one of your weapons Traced Enchantments to can gain the  benefits of the ability Blindfighting for 1 turn per Perception  Modifier. Natural weapons are not able to be disarmed in this way. 


      By expending one of your weapons enchantments you are able to reduce  the damage dealt to you from a single melee attack.  You reduce the  damage by 10 per Traced Enchantments. This has a Fatigue Cost of 20.

      You may now cast spells as part of your normal melee weapon attack.  However, it is difficult to do so with no spellbook and one handed; you  suffer a -10 per PR of the spell you are attempting to cast to your  Entertainment (Dancing) check and the Fatigue Cost of the spell is  doubled.

     Additionally, any ability or spell that requires you to touch a target can also be done by extension through your weapon.


       You can the use of one of the following benefits each turn, but you  must declare which one you are using and spend 15 Fatigue per use. 

       Fury of Blades -  Whenever you make a Critical Hit your sword moves with such speed it  becomes a blur, you deal additional bonus damage equal to 2 times your  rank (max +50) to your target. This damage ignores all armor, including  magical or natural armor 

       Boom Strike  - By  sacrificing 2 Traced Enchantments per opponent with 5' radius you gain a  normal attack against them all without any penalty for multiple strike  or multiple opponents.  Each opponent within this attack radius must  make a Physical Defense check (or any other defense check Martial Arts,  Parry, etc.) at a -10 per Traced Enchantment you sacrificed. All those  that fail take your rank times 5 points of force damage and are knocked  back 5' per Success in your attack (Max 50'). 

       Black Strike  -  Your sword is able to absorb any magic cast at you and send it back out  as a duplicate attack against any foe within the Range of the spell it  is absorbing.  You must sacrifice the same amount of Fatigue that was  used to cast the spell and must make a Willpower check at a TS equal to  the PR of the spell being absorbed.  On your next turn you are able to  release this spell as a Move Action at any target within range. 

       Doom Blade -  Once per day as a Full Turn Action (you must sacrifice all other  actions during your turn) you are able to make a single powerful slicing  attack against anything that is within 5' per rank (maximum of 100') of  you.  This attack creates a massive air slash that deals your Rank x  the Base damage of the weapon. Those that are able to move are granted an Agility check at a TS of 1 per 3 ranks of the Bladesinger to dodge out of the way.   Those that fail take not only the damage but are knocked back 10' per  Stamina Modifier and are automatically knocked prone.  Buildings and  items that are struck in this way gain a TS of 4 vs D100 roll to avoid  taking your rank x 10 in damage, those that take more than 50% of their  Damage Absorption in this attack have a 25% chance of being sliced in  half and destroyed.  This takes 50 Fatigue to perform.

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