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Call the Dead, Greater


Ability Prerequisite: Lore (Dark Magic) 85; Call the Dead, Hex Magic (Epic Tier);

 Fatigue Point Cost: 40 per use 

Merit Point Cost: 1750 

Action Type: Full Action

         Three times per day, as a Full Action, you are able to raise any  dead animal, beast, humanoid or monstrous humanoid that is equal to or  less than your rank and is within 30' radius of you. They will rise out  of the ground, if they are able to, and within range. This takes d10+1  turns for them to dig their way out of the ground. You can raise 3 dead  creature per two successes of the the user's Lore (Dark Magic) check   but not have more than 12 at any one time. 

         These are not  undead creatures and will perform three commands per turn as directed by  you (attack, move, stop, etc.) to the best of their ability. They can  move at their normal movement rate listed for the creature in the  Bestiary. They have a basic attack score equal to ten (10) times your  Willpower Modifier to a maximum of 150, but a clumsy defense of five (5)  times your Willpower modifier (maximum of 120). They will deal a base  damage of 4 with their natural weapons and 7 for any weapon they may  have. They have no health to speak of and will crumble to the ground in a  heap if they take more than your Willpower Score in damage.  They will  remain active for 1 Minute per your Willpower Modifier and requires 40  Fatigue to use.

Call the Dead, Greater
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