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Change Their Hearts


Ability Prerequisite: Bardic Music (Legendary Tier); Convince 75 

Merit Point Cost: 1000 

Action Type: Full

           Through the use of Change their Hearts,  you are able to create such an epic, powerful ballad that you cause all  targets that are within 30' of you to choose to stop fighting.  They  simply just realize that this fight is just not worth it.  They sheath  weapons, stop striking, etc, and attempt to leave the area. Only  animals, beasts, humanoids, and monstrous humanoids can be affected by  this ballad.  Targets are granted a Willpower check at a TS of 1 per 3  Convince successes in order to ignore this attempt. This effect only  lasts for 24 - 1 per Target's Willpower Modifier in hours before the  ballad loses its impact.

Change Their Hearts
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