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Elder Spirit Transformation


Ability Prerequisite: Lore (Dark Magic); Hex Magic 

Fatigue Point Cost: 20 per use 

Merit Point Cost: 1500 

Action Type: Full Action

       Calling upon ancient spirits you are able to alter parts of yourself  into an animal form. You may have only one effect ongoing at a time.   Transformation takes a Full Action and requires 20 Fatigue per use. You  can maintain this transformation for 1 turn per success of the the  user's Lore (Dark Magic) check and may select from the following and you  may combine forms: 

       Wolf Head: You gain a bite attack the deals 4 points of base damage and uses your Agility or Strength score as the Attack Score. 

       Toad Tongue: You can elongate your tongue to grab or grapple objects up to 15 feet away. 

       Bear Claws:  Your hands and feet grow hard, bear-like claws that deal 6 points of  base damage and uses your Agility or Strength score as the Attack Score.  However, you are unable to manipulate objects that require hands or  intricate finger use (such as casting spells, calling on divine powers  or the use of jinhu).   

       Alligator Hide: You harden your skin into thick, leathery pleats, giving you a natural armor of 15 for the duration. 

       Bat Ears: Your ears grow twice their normal size granting you a +50 on Search and Tracking skills and Perception (Hearing) Checks. 

       Vulture Wings: Sprout two large wings from your back, allowing you to Glide at a speed of 60 feet.

Elder Spirit Transformation
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