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Elemental Focus, Improved


Ability Prerequisite: Elemental Focus, Willpower 90, 5th Rank 

Fatigue Point Cost: See Below 

Merit Point Cost: 2000 

Action Type: Varies

        Through the use of this ability you are able to better focus into a  specific element and gain unique abilities associated with the element  of your choice.  You can only gain the abilities of one focus: Air,  Earth, Fire and Water. 

Air Focus Abilities 

Air Blast:  By expending 5 Fatigue Points per use you can unleash a jet of  compressed air shot from your hands, feet or mouth.  This has a range of  15'.  Those that are targeted are allowed an Agility check at a TS of  6.  Those that fail are flung backwards 5' per Willpower check success  to a maximum of 100' (this does not have an affect on Huge or greater  sized).  They are knocked prone for 2 turns. This is considered a Move Action to use. 

Air Pull:  By spending 10 Fatigue Points you are able to create a vortex of  suction that allows you to bring people or objects towards you. Targets  are granted a Strength check at a TS of 5 to withstand this pull. You  can bring one object towards you, but you can only pull items that weigh  no more than 100' pounds per 10 additional Fatigue points used in this  way. 

Air Swipe: With the swipe of  your hand and spending 5 Fatigue Points you are able to create a  crescent-shaped wave of air that is able to deflect projectiles aimed at  you or another target within 20'.  With a Willpower check at a TS of 6  you can redirect the projectiles back at the attacker.  This is a Simple Action to  use.  If used to redirect projectile missile weapons back at an  attacker the total number of successes obtained in the original attack  are reduced by half. 

Shockwave:  With shockwave you can create a burst of concussive air force that can  disorient and deal stunning damage to an area and all those in the  area.  As a Move Action and spending 10  Fatigue Points you can cause all targets within the 180 degree arc in  front of you up to 15' to take 5 points of Fatigue Damage per Willpower  check.  Additionally, all those in this area of effect will Stunned and  Deafened for 4 turns.  Targets are granted an opposed Stamina check to  negate or reduce these effects per success. Creatures that are immune to  non-lethal damage cannot be Stunned or Deafened by this ability. 

Earth Focus Abilities 

Earth Wall:  As a Move Action and spending 15 Fatigue, you are able to cause a 10'  high x 10' wide x 3' thick section of earth to rise from the ground  directly in front of you.  This Earth Wall cannot be moved and will  disintegrate in 1 turn per 2 Willpower Modifier.  It has a 360 Damage  Points and a durability of 15. 

Dust-Stepping:  As a Move Action and spending 10 Fatigue per turn you are able to  create thin foot print steps of dust in the air above and in the  direction you want, including upwards or downwards in a stepping  fashion.  These dust steps disappear behind you in unnoticeable clouds  of dust. 

Earth Tunneling: Similar to the concept of some creatures Burrow Ability as  a Move Action and spending 15 fatigue you are able to open tunnels your  height in diameter as you dig through stone, dirt and almost any other  sort of earth except metal as easily as walking. Or you may simple swim  through ground.  If you create a tunnel and are within 3' of your  current size of the surface you cause a mound of dirt to rise showing  your passage. 

Rock Shackles:  As a Simple Action and spending 10 Fatigue you are to create a pair of  earthen-rock shackles to erupt from the ground  in an attempt to  immobilize a target within 15' radius.  The target is granted a Strength  or Agility check at a TS of 6 to avoid or break free from this  attempt.  If a target fails this they are considered immobilized, unable  to move normally, for 1 turn per your Willpower Modifier.  Each turn  that a target is immobilized by this ability they gain a Strength Check  at a TS of 6 to break out of the shackles. 

Fire Focus Abilities 

Blocking Fire: Three times per day by expending 5 Fatigue per use you are able to Block or Parry incoming melee attacks or any spells that require a Physical Defense with your fire element energy by creating arcs of fire. 

Blue Fire:  All your fire based spells are no longer yellow-red but now an intense  blue this increases your base damage with fire based spells by +2 Base  Damage. Additionally, these fires intensify the Burn Condition dealing +5 health damage per turn and all Healing skill checks are now increased to TS of 2 per 10 Health lost in this way. 

Circle of Fire: Unlike the powerful spell Walls of Fire and Stone,  that creates powerful walls of fire and stone, you are able to create a  circle of purple-green fire with a 5' radius.  The fire is not intense  enough to deal real damage but rather causes those that come near you  they must make a Stamina check TS of 4 or suffer a loss of 10 Fatigue  Points each turn.  Additionally, the flames help obscure you granting  you a 50% Concealment each turn that you have this circle up.  This  requires you spend 10 Fatigue points per turn to maintain this circle. 

Flame Propulsion:  You are able to conjure huge yellow-red flames that gather around your  legs to propel yourself over the ground or through the air.  This  requires you to spend 5 Fatigue per turn to maintain.  You fly at a  double normal speed during its use. 

Water Focus Abilities 

Healing:  Unlike healing from Divine Powers or through the use of the Healing  Skill, you are able to heal the injuries of others by improving and  accelerating their own natural healing.  By expending 10 Fatigue per use  you are able to encase a sick or injured individual in glowing  white-blue water for 1 hour.  During this time you triple their normal  healing rate during this hour.  Additionally, if they are poisoned or  diseased (natural or magical) they gain a new Stamina or Willpower check  to negate or cure themselves of this affliction but with a +3 success  bonus. 

Icy Breath:  As a Simple Action you are able to take a deep breath and then release a  icy mist of breath that has 5' reach directly in front you.  Those that  are targeted are granted a Stamina check at a TS of 4.  Those that fail  have their movement reduced by half for 2 turns. This requires 5  Fatigue per use. 

Mist-Stepping:  As a Move Action and spending 10 Fatigue per turn you are able to  create thin foot print steps of mist in the air above and in the  direction you want, including upwards or downwards in a stepping  fashion.  These miststeps disappear behind you in unnoticeable clouds of  water drops. 

Water Glide: By  means of this ability and by spending 5 Fatigue per turn you create a  slickness of water on the bottom of your feet that allow you to glide on  the ground easily gaining +10 per Movement and when used on the surface  of the water you glide 5 time your normal speed.

Elemental Focus, Improved
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