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Feeling in One's Bones


Ability Prerequisite: Kismet; Charisma 85 

Fatigue Point Cost: None 

Merit Point Cost: 750

       Upon taking this ability you begin to get a feeling in your bones about  glimpses in the future. First, whenever you make an attack, defense or  skill check and critically fail, you may instead re-roll the check but  will not be able to gain a Critical hit on this check, you must take the  result of the new roll and cannot use Heroic Luck to re-roll the new  result. Additionally, once per per day you may make a Willpower check,  granting yourself or any one creature that you can see within 10' radius  a +1 Success per 2 Willpower Successes for a maximum of +5 successes to  their next check.  Finally, with a Wits check you gain a glimpse of the  future of a combat turn.  For each success you are able to determine  the actions of 1 individual that you are fighting that is within 10'  radius. This grants you a +10 bonus to your Physical Defense (Martial  Arts, Brawling or Shield Proficiency used for defense) per 2 Successes  with this Wits check.

Feeling in One's Bones
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