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Fetish Doll


Ability Prerequisite: Alchemy, Fabricate, Lore (Dark Magic); Hex Magic, Arcane Touch, or Divine Presence 

Fatigue Point Cost: Varies 

Merit Point Cost: 1500 

Action Type: See Below

         By means of this ability you are able to construct a doll made of  straw, fabric and thread to resemble a specific target.  To this you  would need to add either hair, blood, flesh or tears of the target and  takes 24 hours to create. Once you have this made you are able to cause  them pain or cause them problems. You must be able to push pin needles  into the doll up to 6 total. Targets are granted a Willpower check at a  TS of 4 to ignore the affects of the fetish doll. Each pin deals 10  Health damage that ignores armor to the target, this damage increases by  +1 per 10 Lore (Dark Magic) you have.  Each target on the Fetish Doll  can have only one pin. Additionally, where the pin is stuck into causes  the user to suffer some additional effects to specific body parts:                  Arm: The target takes a -4 Successes to attack checks. This causes the arms to feel numb.

        Body: The target takes a -4 Successes to defense checks. This causes the body to tremble.

        Face: The target is blinded for the duration. This causes the face to tick.

        Leg: The target's non-fly speeds are halved. This causes the legs to feel cold and slow.

        Throat: The target is unable to speak for the duration. This causes the throat to feel swollen and scratchy.

        Wing: The target's fly speeds are halved. This causes the wings to feel shaky and numb.

        Head: The target's skill scores are reduced by 50. This causes a headache.

      These penalties last for 1 turn per Lore (Dark Magic) success (maximum  of ten turns). You may not target the same body part while the doll is  active. If you damage the doll, while it has a pin it, the target takes  1/4 of that damage.  The doll can be destroyed, but if it has a pin it  the target must make a Stamina check to avoid being destroyed (killed;  dropped to zero health) by the dark magics that connect the two.      While a majority of use will be to use the Fetish Doll to cause damage,  it may also be used for beneficial purposes.  You can speak to the doll  and the target will hear your voice in their head, so long as they are  within 500 mile radius. Casting any healing on the doll also heals the  target it is associated with, however, this healing only affects 1/4 of  the actual health of the target.  You can also cast spells on the doll  that will have some effect on the target. Spells are only half  effective.  For example, an invisibility spell cast on the doll, will  only grant the target 75% concealment bonus; a light spell cast on the  doll may cause the target to slightly glow, etc.

     You may also  cause the target of Fetish Doll to be "jerked" around in a small space,  5'-10' area, just by you quickly moving the doll back and forth.   However, the target is granted a Willpower check at a TS of 6 to avoid  this.  Jerking causes the target to suffer -3 successes to all skill and  ability checks while it is being jerked around and so long as you  concentrate on doing this action.

Fetish Doll
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