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Healing Obeahya


Ability Prerequisite: Herbalism 75, Healing 75, Lore (Dark Magic); Hex Magic; 

Fatigue Point Cost: 12 per use 

Merit Point Cost: 1100 

Action Type: Move Action

        Through the use of this ability a A Hex user can quickly (madly)  combine items from their conjure bag: healing herb, droughts, powder,  grave dirt,  odd vials of fluid and calling on healing spirits and Dum-ba, they are able to create a smelly, sticky ball of tincture that  they can throw at allies within 15' radius. This attempt miraculous  never misses its target. Each target that is hit with this Healing Obeahya is healed for 10 points plus 1 per success of a Herbalism skill  check. This is a Move Action and requires 12 Fatigue to be able to use.  The Hex user can create 1 Healing Obeahya per 3 Agility or Wits check  per use. Unlike healing droughts, oils or potions, a Healing Obeahya must be used immediately or the magic fades.

Healing Obeahya
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