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Hex Malfunction


Ability Prerequisite:  Lore (Dark Magic) 85; Hex Magic (Epic Tier) 

Fatigue Point Cost: 30 per use 

Merit Point Cost: 750 

Action Type: Full Action

         Once per day per Willpower modifier the user is able to cause all  tech or magic to malfunction and possible cease to function for some  time.  The user can effect a 10' radius successes of the the user's Lore  (Dark Magic) check around them.  All those in the area must make a  Charisma check at a TS of 8. Those that fail have their tech abruptly  stop working (this includes larger tech items if they are in the area of  effect) or have their ability to cast magic, call on the divine or use  jinhu interrupted (not being able to access the weave, powers or inner  power) for 2d10 turns. Targets are granted a new Charisma check to shake  off this hex each turn.

Hex Malfunction
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