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Hidden Sight


Ability Prerequisite: Blind Sight; Per 85

Fatigue Point Cost: 15 per use 

Merit Point Cost: 1200 

Action Type: Simple

          Hidden sight allows the user to generate a pulse of energy that  radiates up to 10' radius per 2 Perception check successes to a maximum  50' radius.  This pulse dimly highlights all things that are hidden or  secreted away, are invisible or  are important to the character (which  must be declared by the character, such as "I am looking for the keys to  this door, are they nearby?" or "I need to find the secret door to  escape the tower.") within the area of effect. These are only visible to  the user.  This pulse is nearly instantaneous, a blink of an eye but  the items found in this way glow white to blue for 1 turn only.  The  more important the item the brighter the glow.

Hidden Sight
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