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Insult to Injury


Ability Prerequisite: Taunt; Charisma 75 

Fatigue Point Cost: None 

Merit Point Cost: 1200

      When you use Insult to Injury to insult your opponent with mockery on your next turn as a Simple Action,  you cause the target you just attacked to make an opposed Charisma  check.  If you are successful you cause them to suffer a -3 successes  (per 5 ranks you have; maximum -15 successes) on their next attack.   Additionally, for every success in difference between your Charisma  check successes and your opponents they suffer -5 score penalty to their  next Physical Defense against you.  For example: you have 8 Charisma  Success and your opponent has only 5, this is a Success Difference of 3,  thus they would suffer -15 score penalty on their next Physical Defense  against your next attack.

Insult to Injury
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