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Oath of Bonding


Ability Prerequisite: Champion; Charisma 85 

Fatigue Point Cost: None 

Merit Point Cost: 1500 

Action Type: Varies

      There are very few bonds in the world that are stronger than the one  you have committed to friends, allies, and family.  As a champion, hero,  or legend you have sworn a deeper, stronger oath to a life long  commitment of support and empowerment of these individuals and to seek  justice and all that is good in the world.  This bond, this oath is one  that is sworn in blood and fire so powerful that they will remain until  the ending of the Omniverse.  Taking this oath you seek to challenge all  those that would bring harm to your world: Allies, Friends and Family.  Each member of the Oath would need to have this ability for the effects to take place.

Heroic:  By means of this ability you are able to form up to four new bonds with  other species (humanoids). Through an Initiation Rite. By spending 8 hours performing rites and rituals with these chosen few you create a  bond that can never be broken even by magic or death.  This grants you  and the other for the ability to always know where they are within 100  miles and their condition (alive, dead, wounded, etc), also grants you  the ability to telepathically communicate with each other so long as you  are within 1 mile of each other. Finally, you each gain 1d10 bonus  permanent Health Points for each individual in the bond.  Others can be  inducted into the bond later, but once the oath is made, it is binding  for life. If you are anyone in the bond stray from the oath, they (or  you) are cast from the bond.  Those cast out suffer 2 negative ranks for one year.

Legendary:  You are able to ward any one target within 15' radius that you can see.  For the next 5 turns any creature that targets the the warded being  with any type of attack must attempt a Willpower check.  Those that fail  are unable to bring themselves to attack the warded creature and must  instead choose another target with their strike range.  Should the  warded creature attacks another, the effect ends.

     You are also able to sheath any one weapon that you touch in a blue-white light that sparks and flares imparting a part of your Willpower.  This weapon  gains your Willpower in bonus damage plus 1 per every 3 ranks.

   Additionally, the weapon ignores 30 points of armor.  This effect lasts  for 1 turn per 20 Fatigue spent. 

Epic:   You now emit a powerful aura of fellowship.  This aura grants those  that you have bonded with, within a 20' radius, gain +1 success for each  member of the current bond (up to +4 successes). 

Paragon: Upon achieving paragon status you gain the following ability additions. Psychic Rebuke:  Anytime anyone attempt to strike at you or anyone within the bond with a  melee attack are punished for their gall and idiocy. When they first  attack they must make a Intelligence check at TS of 8.  Those that fail  take your Willpower Modifier times 3 in psychic damage. 

Emissary of Fellowship: You have become the embodiment of true fellowship; three times per day you gain the following benefits for 6 turns:

  • Any  member of the bond or any ally that you choose within 10' radius of you  begins to regenerate health at a rate equal to your Charisma Modifier  every turn.  Those of the bond gain an additional d10 of health per  turn.

  • As the beacon of fellowship you are the center of the  wheel and protector of the bonds of fellowship. You can cause any allies  that you choose within 10' radius a 50% chance of any attack simply  miss.  This does not apply to area affecting attacks or spells.

  • Glorious friendship. You are able to share your Heroic Luck with any creature that you choose that is within 15' radius.

Oath of Bonding
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