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Psychic Domination


Ability Prerequisite: Psychic Font, Meditate 90, Lore (Esoteric Power) 90; Int and Will 110; 

Fatigue Point Cost: 30 per use 

Merit Point Cost: 2000 

Action Type: Full Action

        Once per day as a Full Action you may attempt to dominate the mind  and will of any target that is within 25’ radius of you. You make this  domination attempt through the use of your Meditate Skill. Targets are  allowed a Willpower check in order to resist the attempt. Those that  fail become dominated by you for 3d10 turn(s). This domination allows  the creature to control the thoughts and actions of the target as though  it was your own body; including causing the dominated creature to put  itself into harm’s way. Doing so allows the target an immediate standard  Willpower check to snap out of the domination in time to save itself.  This is charm effect type. Use of this is considered an evil act and you  will gain 1d10 Evil Philosophy points. This ability has a Fatigue Cost  of 30 per use.

Psychic Domination
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