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Psychic Energy Absorption


Ability Prerequisite: Psychic Infiltration, Meditate 85, Lore (Esoteric Power) 85; Int and Will 100; 

Fatigue Point Cost: 15 per use 

Merit Point Cost: 1500

Action Type: Full Action

        You are able to absorb the energy of another sentient being to enhance yourself using it as a power source.  You may target 1 sentient being that is within your range and attempt to pull their spiritual energy into you. The target is granted a Willpower check at a TS of 1 per 3 of your ranks to avoid this attempt. Those that fail have their Stamina reduced by 5 per 3 of your ranks, should the targets Stamina reach 0 they die.  You may use this three times per day.  You may use this absorbed energy to do one of the following: heal your health by d10 per 3 of your ranks to your maximum health; replenish your Fatigue on a 1 to 1 point of Stamina drained; increase your skills by d10 per 3 of your ranks for 1 turn per Willpower Modifier. This is a Full Turn Action to use. This ability has a Fatigue Cost of 15 per use.

Psychic Energy Absorption
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