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Psychic Font


Ability Prerequisite: Meditate, Lore (Esoteric Power); Enlightenment; Int and Will 85; Must be taken by 3rd Rank; Special 

Fatigue Point Cost: Varies 

Merit Point Cost: 1500 

Action Type: Varies

        You have developed a supernatural power that emanates from your  mind.  This power has granted you psychic and kinetic powers that are  not related to spells, divine powers or jinhu.  Rather, you manifest  energy to create numerous effects.  As the focus of using your psychic  and kinetic powers takes a great deal of energy, the use of  spellcasting, calling upon divine powers or the use of jinhu is greatly  constrained. Attempting to cast spells, divine spells or use jinhu  suffer -20 per PR of the spell or power you are attempting to cast.

      Upon taking this ability you gain the ability to telepathically speak  to any sentient being that is within 60 feet of you.  You do not need to  be able to speak their language in order to use this telepathy. You  also possess the ability to detect, interact, affect and manipulate the  minds of other sentient beings (not animals, insects or beasts) that are  within 5' per 3 of your ranks. In order to do so, you must contact the  minds of each of those that you wish to control or transfer information  between. Any sentient being (not animals, insects or beasts), who must  have an Intelligence of 50 or greater, that you contact within your  range is granted a Willpower check a TS of 1 per 5 of your ranks.  Those  that you take control, attempt to affect, change, detect or manipulate  thoughts of, gain a new Willpower check every turn to repel you. This  power fails should you make them do something that would put them in  harms way or goes against their own morals, motivations or aspects.

      You also gain the ability to use your psychic energy to form a purple  whip of mental energy that you can psychically lash out with at one  target within 5' per 2 Willpower modifier. Targets are granted a  Willpower or Intelligence check at a TS of 1 per 5 of your ranks, those  that fail suffer a loss of 2 successes per 3 of your ranks to all checks  for 1 turn per 5 ranks. This ability has a Fatigue Cost of 10 per use.  This is a Full Action.

     Finally, you are able to focus your  Willpower and psychic energy to temporarily create weapons from psychic  energy.  You are able to create melee only weapons and create any melee  weapon that you are familiar with.  Predominately, this includes all  axes, chains, clubs, daggers, flails, mauls, staves, and swords.  You  use your Meditate Skill as your attack skill. This ability has a Fatigue  Cost of 10 per turn while using these weapons and is a Full Action to use the weapons.

     Each rank you increase your connection to your  mental powers in doing so you gain 1 Insanity Point every rank beginning  at the time you take this ability.

Psychic Font
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