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Psychic Force Field


Ability Prerequisite: Psychic Energy Absorption, Meditate 90, Lore (Esoteric Power) 90; Int and Will 110; 

Fatigue Point Cost: 30 per use 

Merit Point Cost: 2000 

Action Type: Move Action

        You can create a telekinetic field that is 15'x15' in size to  either shield yourself, selected targets within range or use it to hold  back or hold up heavy objects that are within 20' per 3 of your ranks.  This field or sphere, your choice when you enact it, gains 75% Magical  Resistance, and has 100 points of Armor Absorption per 3 successes in  your Meditate skill check.  It can hold up to 100 pounds per Willpower  Modifier.  The Force Field will last 1 turn per Meditate Skill success.   This is a Move Action to use this. This ability has a Fatigue Cost of  30 per use.

Psychic Force Field
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