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Psychic Illusions Mastery


Ability Prerequisite: Psychic Illusions, Meditate 90, Lore (Esoteric Power) 90; Int and Will 110; 

Fatigue Point Cost: 50 per use 

Merit Point Cost: 2000 

Action Type: See Below

          You are able to create a powerful illusion as per the spell Illusion, True. Once per day you are able to create a True Illusion that is nearly  flawless in every way. Targets are granted an Intelligence or Wits check  at a TS of 9 to disbelieve and see through this illusion. This illusion  can affect up to 50' per 3 of your ranks. This illusion will last one  hour per Willpower Modifier. You are able to create any environment with  any appropriate conditions that you can think of. The GM has caveat  over what damaging effects might be a result of the illusion. This  requires you to maintain concentration on the use of this ability and  are unable to use any other abilities during this time. This ability has  a Fatigue Cost of 50 per use. Because this is coming from a psychic  source, dispel or anti magic spells have no effect on the use of this  ability.

Psychic Illusions Mastery
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