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Ability Prerequisite: Psychic Font, Meditate 90, Lore (Esoteric Power) 90; Int and Will 110; 

Fatigue Point Cost: Varies

Merit Point Cost: 2000

Action Type: Full Turn Action

Through the sheer power of your thoughts you are now able to control and effect matter within your range. Use of any of these powers is a Full Turn Action. 

  • Create Object - You are able to assemble a non-living object from surrounding materials.  The object cannot be any large than 1' square or diameter, and cannot weigh more than 5 pounds per every 3 of your ranks.  The object will exist for 1 turn per your rank. This ability has a Fatigue Cost of 30 per use.

  • Psychic Crush: You are able to target a single entity that are within 5' per 3 of your ranks. Through the use of your psychic energy you are able to crush the target. Non-living, non-undead things can be targeted.  These targets have their breaking, sundering and shattering Target Successes reduce by 1 per every 3 Meditate skill successes when you use this ability.  All other living, including undead entities, are allowed a Willpower check at a TS equal to 1 per every 4 Meditate skill successes. Those that fail have their tissues torn, muscles cramped, skin to break, bones to snap, blood vessels to burst and take 1d10 per your current rank in damage. This ability has a Fatigue Cost of 40 per use.

  • Gravity Manipulation: You gain access to the spell gravity drop.  You must use your Meditate skill in order to determine any effects. This ability has a Fatigue Cost of 30 per use. Because this is coming from a psychic source, dispel or anti magic spells have no effect on the use of this ability. 

  • Energy Construct Creation: You are able to form constructs of energy. You can create any particular construct that you can imagine. The constructs are made out of bright purple-gray energy, which is a tangible form of your psychic energy they are not indestructible. You have control of these constructs up to 10' per 3 of your ranks.

  • Through the use of your Meditate skill you gain the following:

* Objects cannot be no bigger than 1 cubic foot per 3 Meditate Successes and are divided into the sizes.  The larger the size the more Fatigue it requires to maintain per turn.

Tiny: 5 per turn (up to 1 cubic foot in size)

Small: 10 per turn (up to 6 cubic feet in size)

Medium: 15 per turn (up to 10 cubic feet in size)

Large: 20 per turn (up to 15 cubic feet in size)

Huge: 30 per turn (up to 30 cubic feet in size)

Gigantic: 60 per turn (up to 60 cubic feet in size)

Colossal: 90 per turn (up to 120 cubic feet in size)

* Objects have 10 Damage points per Success (maximum 240 Damage Points) before they are destroyed

* Objects deal your Willpower Modifier in Base Damage. This damage is psychic energy based. GM has caveat control on this, such as you creating a battering ram, or even a Catapult where they can follow the Base Damage rules for such items.  

* Cannot create objects that have to use other power sources such as engines, thaumic bateries, etc.

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