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Shamisen Magic


Ability Prerequisite: Bardic Music; Will 75 

Fatigue Point Cost: Varies 

Merit Point Cost: 1000 

Action Type: Varies          

Through the use of this ability you gain the ability to control paper  origami through song and music with the use of Entertainment  (Instrument), specifically stringed instruments. You use your  Entertainment (Instrument) skill to channel your energy through music to  cause sheets of paper or leaves that you carry on yourself (backpack,  satchel or pouches). Paper must be of the highest quality which  generally costs 1 gold piece per sheet, leaves need to be fresh or just  fallen to hold the magic of your music. You are able to create a number  of things and items. You gain the ability to craft the same origami  animals as per the ability Paper Animals.

         You can also craft the following out of paper should you have enough paper. 

Wings:  By spending 15 Fatigue and using 100 sheets of paper per your size you  can form wings on your body that grant you the ability to fly with a  Maneuverability Class of B. You can fly for up to 1 hour using this  portion of the ability. Should the wings take 50 points of damage they  collapse into shreds. 

Flying Carpet:  Using 50 sheets of paper you are able to create a 5 ft ×10 ft flying  carpet that can hold up to 1,000 pounds. The paper carpet can take up to  35 points of damage before being destroyed into shreds. This has a cost  of 10 Fatigue Points to make and can be used for up to 30 minutes each  time. A Lhark Boat: Using 200 Sheets of paper you are able to craft a  water tight lhark boat that is 25' long, 10' wide and 15' high. (see  Legends of Kralis: Player's Guide Vehicles for more information) This  boat can withstand water, can with stand 60 points of damage before  falling apart, but as an Armor Absorption of 15. You can maintain this  for 1 hour by spending 50 Fatigue Points. 

Wondrous Object:  You, with GM approval and input, can create a Wondrous Object that you  design. These can range from bridges, walls, small heavy weapons, but  cannot use combustibles to function. These objects cannot have a magical  component or have overtly complex moving parts. The minimum fatigue  point cost of 15, cannot use more than 2000 sheets and cannot last for more than an hour per Entertainment (Instrument) skill check success (Maximum of 24 hours). These items have "health points" equal to 5 per success obtained in your Entertainment (Instrument) skill check.

Shamisen Magic
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