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Storm of Maggots


Ability Prerequisite: Necromantic Studies, Lore (Necromancy) 80; Will 80 

Fatigue Point Cost: 15 per use 

Merit Point Cost: 1250 

Action Type: Move Action

         Through the use of this ability you are able to throw the corpse  of a small animal or bird at an area that is within your normal throw  distance. As the corpse reaches the area it explodes into a showering  cloud of maggots covering the area. These maggots begin to voraciously  burrow into all victims that they hit.  This cloud covers a 10' radius  area and all those within the area gain an Agility check to dive out of  the way.  Those that fail are covered in these maggots and begin to feel  them burrow into their flesh ignoring all armor. These maggots deal 5  points of damage per turn for 2d10 turns. The victims must make a  Willpower check at TS of 6, those that fail Stunned and Sickened for the  duration. The maggots have no effect on the undead, constructs  (arabeitz), celestial or planar beings.

Storm of Maggots
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