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Tactical Weakness


Ability Prerequisite: Discover Flaw, WeaponCraft(Heavy Weapons) 

Merit Point Cost: 750

      You are particularly alert for finding and spotting weak points in an  enemy ships defenses and shielding. As part of your attack with your  ship's Heavy Weapons you may attempt a Perception Check before the  attack. 

Heroic: You have spotted a  hole in your opponent’s Defensive Shield. You are able to ignore 5  points of the ships Deflector Shields per 3 successes of your Perception  check. 

Legendary: You now have learned  how to spot chinks in your opponents armor. You are able to ignore 5  points the Ships Armor Absorption per 2 successes of your Perception  check.   

Epic: Both your Heroic and Legendary results of your Perception checks now stack together. 

Paragon: You now increase the chance of something bad occurring on a targeted ship from 50% to 75%

Tactical Weakness
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