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Visions of Regret


Ability Prerequisite:  Lore (Dark Magic) 120; Hex Magic (Paragon Tier) 

Fatigue Point Cost: 20 per use 

Merit Point Cost: 1500 

Action Type: Full Action

         Three times per day you are able to cause 1 target per Willpower  Modifier to make a Charisma check at a TS of 8.  Those that fail begin  to have visions of failure and regret as they use their kills.  This  regret causes them anguish dealing 3d10 Fatigue and d10 Health damage  per turn for the duration of hex.  This lasts for 2d10 turns. This can  effect any target with an Intelligence of 50 or greater that is within  30' radius and can see the user.  This has a Fatigue cost of 20 per use.

Visions of Regret
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