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Way of the Ahtma


Ability Prerequisite: Meditate 65, Lore (Divine) 65, Lore (Astral Forms) 65; Will 85

Fatigue Point Cost: Varies

Merit Point Cost: 1750

Action Type: Varies

There are those in the world that believe that the real world and thus the mortal body is simply shell or an illusion.  These individuals seek to discover their true self, which is at one with the Celestial-Omniverse or one with their "pure multidimensional form".  These individuals follow the way of the ahtma. 


        Clarity: you are able to enter a state of focus for 1 turn per Meditate success.  During this time you gain +5 to any one choosen skill or attribute. This is a Simple action to activate.

        Iron: You are able to turn your skin into a hard, dark metal that grants you Natual Armor Absorption of 15. This lasts for 1 Turn per Meditate Success. This has a fatigue cost of 10 per turn. This is a Simple action to activate.

        Spectral: You are able to cause your body to become spectral in appearance, translucent granting you near invisibility.  This causes all creatures of having a 75% chance of not seeing you will in this form. This form will last for 1 Turn per Meditate Skill.  This has a fatigue cost 10 per turn. This is a Move action to activate.


        Visage of Self: Your spirit drastically infuses your body with energy.  This energy grants you a resistance to divine, jinhu or magical attacks. For every 10 fatigue points you use in this way you gain a 5% resistance to not be affected by any magic, divine or jinhu effect, damage or otherwise used against you.

        Body Morph: Drawing upon your astral self you are able to morph your body gaining either two additional arms or two additional legs.  For 1 turn per Mediate success either these spectral arms or legs extend from your shoulders or your hips.  The legs grant +20' movement, +5 success bonus vs. knockdowns or knockbacks, and 2 additional unarmed strikes with kicks. The arms grant 2 additional unarmed strikes (brawling or martial arts) as well an an addition +30 to any grapple checks.  This costs 15 fatigue per turn to maintain.

        Many Tongues: You have gained the ability to speak with any living creature.

        Far Step: You are able to instantly move up to 5' per 3 ranks in any direction as thought you teleported from one spot to another. This costs 10 Fatigue points per movement.


        Purity of Self: You have become immune to all natural disease and sicknesses.

        Purity of Body: Twice per day you can cure your own wounds.  You can heal 5 points of damage per Meditate skill check success to a maximum of 25 points each time.

        Illusionary Self: You have learned to harness your astral energy in order to project an illusionary appearance over you body. This ability allows you to momentarily transform yourself into any animal, beast, humanoid or monsterous humanoid that you have encountered. The creature that you create must be equal to your size only.  This is an illusionary projection and you do not gain any of the stats 

of the creature you are mimiking.  As with any illusion it will fail to hold up to an actually phsyical inspection.  Those inspecting you gain a Wits check at a TS equal to 1 per 10 of your Meditate Skill score in order to discern this illusionary projection. This costs 20 Fatigue to perform.


        Spectral Form - You have achieved the ability to become a phantom figure of astral energy.  As a Simple Action you can transfrom in to this spectral phantom form for 1 minute per 2 Willpower modifier.  During this time you are immune to all damage, can move up to 8 times your normal speed (in addition any other modifiers) and are able to move through any  object or creature in the Prima Terra. This costs 25 Fatigue to use. You cannot transform back to your normal self while you are moving through or inside another object orcreature.

        Transfer Soul: You are able to transfer your soul into that of a dead creature that you can see.  You may only inhabit the forms of animals, beasts, or monstrous humanoids. You may inhabit this dead body for 1 minute per Meditate Success (maximum of 30 minutes). Youcan control all of the target creatures actions and have access to all its normal abilities.  This costs 25 fatigue per minute to use.

        The Silent: You are able to cause all those that view you within 60' to forget your presence and have no memory of you.  Whenever youinteract with any creatures within this range, you can make them forget all about you.  Targets are granted an Intelligence check at aTS equal to 1 per every 3 Meditate successes. If the target(s) fail they do not remember anything about you and discards any interactions with you as if it were an unimportant, menial phenomena that it would normally do.  If you harm any targets while employing this, the target(s) instantly see you and may interact with you as they see fit.

Way of the Ahtma
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