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Weight of Khuma


Ability Prerequisite:  Lore (Dark Magic) 85; Hex Magic (Epic Tier) 

Fatigue Point Cost: 30 per use 

Merit Point Cost: 1500 

Action Type: Full Action

        You are able to call upon the power of Khuma to bear his spiritual  weight upon a target within 30' of you. Those that are targeted gain a  Willpower check at a TS of 8. Those that fail have their movement  reduced to 1', all actions now take double the length of time to  perform, cannot be healed by magic and all Fatigue costs or loss is  increased by 50%. This effect lasts for d10+1 turns per your Willpower  Modifier. This is a Full Action and requires 30 Fatigue to activate.

Weight of Khuma
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