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Tanis' Freezing Gas

Type: Element (Air); [force][creation]
Power Rank: 5
Range: 50'
Duration: 8 hours or until dispelled
Area of Effect: 10' Diameter Area
Activation Time: Full
Defense: Magical
     Tanis' freezing gas causes an area designated by the caster within  range of the spell to be filled with a thick gray smoke.  Those within  the area that failed their defense check will become instantly frozen in  a block of gray stone for the duration of the spell or until  dispelled.  While in this state the block of stone is immune to damage  from non-magical sources, though the use of the spell Shatter will  break the stone and cause 5 points of damage per success to any target  within the gray stone. Once released from this spell targets are blind  for d4 hours.

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