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Rayche's Elemental Explosion

Type: Element (Air, Earth, Fire, Water); [acid][cold][fire][heat][attack]

Power Rank: 3/7 

Range: 200' 

Duration: Instant 

Area of Effect: See Below 

Activation Time: Full 

Defense: Magical

       By casting Rayche's Elemental Explosion a caster is able to throw a  ball of elemental energy at a specific point that is within range and  can be seen.     The area of effect is equal to 5' x 5' x 5' cube  plus 1' x 1' x 1' cube per 2 successes.  The elemental ball deals 5  points of damage per success.

     The effects if the elemental ball  engulf the entire area of effect, spreading around corners and over  objects.  This spell ignores 1/2 of any non-magical armor absorption.   Each elemental ball has additional effects: 

       Fire (Fire Ball) -  The area is engulfed in a sticky explosion of fire that clings to  everything after the initial explosion.  Everything in the area of  effect will continue to burn for 2d10+3 turns taking an additional 5  points of burn damage per turn. This additional damage ignores any  non-magical armor.  Targets gain the Burned Condition. 

       Air  (Ice Ball) - The area is engulfed in an arctic burst of snow and ice.  All living  things caught in the burst must make a Stamina check at a TS of 6.   Those that fail are slowed, their total movement reduced by half and  suffer -30 to all checks for 2d10 turns.  Should any target is hit with  another ice ball within two turns they must make another Stamina check  at a TS of 4 or become frozen in place gaining the Paralyzed Condition. 

       Water (Acid Fog) - The area is engulfed in a bursting cloud of acidic fog.  This fog  ignores all non-magical armor and deals double damage to all non-living  objects, melting them.  Targets will continue to take 10 points of acid  damage for the next d10+3 turns.  There is a 50% chance that living  targets will be blinded (Blind Condition) by the gas for d10 turns. 

       Earth (Lava Ball) - The area is engulfed in an exploding ball of lava.  The area of  effect is reduced to a base 2' x 2' x 2' per 2 successes.  Once the ball  explodes the lava spreads out at a rate of 10' per turn to a maximum of  50' radius creating a pool of lava 6" deep.  This lava ball deals 8  points of damage per turn for 10d10 turns.  The lava pool ignores all  armor absorption as the lave melts and burns its way through armor and  objects. 

      Rayche's Elemental Explosion, Greater 

Power Rank: 7

       The area of effect of the spell increases to 10' x 10' x 10' plus 5' x  5' x 5' per 2 successes.  The base damage increases to 8 points per  success. 

Fire (Fire Ball) - Burn damage increases to 10 per turn. 

Air  (Ice Ball) - Target(s) movement is reduced to 1/4 and suffers a -50 to all checks for 2d10 turns.  The paralyze check TS increases to 6. 

Water (Acid Ball) - Damage to non-living objects is increased to 3 times.  Targets now take 12 points of acid damage ford10+3 turns. 

Earth (Lava Ball) - Base size is increased to 5' x 5' x 5' per 2 successes.  The damage per turn is increased to 15 points for 10d10 turns.

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