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Beast Master

     Beast masters are individuals who are well known for handling  animals in unique ways.  Often referred to as beast handlers or rangers,  these individuals work in various capacities from working alone  wandering through and protecting the world of animals, to working in  arenas or within circuses.  They feel more at home within the company of  animals than fellow mortals. Through out their lives they befriend a  wide variety of animals and beasts from tiny weasels to mighty cave  bears.  They are often loners, relying on their animal or beast  companions for company, friendship and help, though they are able to  work with others just as easily.

Hook:  Driven by a strong wanderlust from a young age, you have made your way  through the Omniverse relying on the gathering and aligning yourself to  the more loyal beasts and animals of the 'Verse.  

 Hook:  Growing up alongside your parents you became an avid hunter, making  something of a name for yourself as a guide through the wilds of the  world.  Now you have become a beast master for hire putting your skills  and empathy with animals and the natural world to a greater use. 

Hook:  Having lived your most of your life in a small community on the far  edges of civilized lands, you are the definition of self reliant,  now  something has pulled you away from your reclusive living and must  interact with rest of the world. 

Associated Skill Bonuses: Pick 3: +10 to either Animal Handling, Healing, Lore (Animals & Beasts), Navigation, Survival (Any 1), Tracking 

Associated Bonuses: Gain One: +3 Heroic Luck, +5 Health, +10 Fatigue, or +10' Base Movement 

Starting Silver: 350 silver pieces

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