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    There are fighters and warriors.  There are mercenaries.  Then there  are those individuals that are professional fighters that fight  predominately in fighting rings both within the public eye or in illegal  fighting rings.  Yet, within the world there are those that were forced  into lives of bloodshed for the macabre entertainment of the  privileged, trained by brutal masters to be killers all for the profit  of masters and gamblers.  Some fight to increase the reputation and  silver as free individuals, others fight in hopes of regain their lost  freedom.

Hook: Due to a heavy  gambling debt you decided to step into the ring with others in order to  repay it, and maybe make a name for yourself as a professional fighter,  one to be feared.  Alas, it was not meant to be because in the last  fight you killed the son of a very important figure in the region and  now you are on the run. 

Hook: When  you were young you were sold into slavery by a greedy, nefarious  relative in order to seize your inheritance, who declared you dead after  a brutal attack.  You fought for your freedom, and now look to settle  old scores and perhaps reclaim your lost heritage.

Hook:  On a whim when you were younger you decided to jump into a fighting pit  and found the whole thing invigorating and intoxicating.  For many  years you roamed from one fight to another, earning just enough not to  starve, maintain your equipment but now you seek a place to put your  combat skills to use. 

Associated Skill Bonuses: Pick 3: +10 to either Alertness, Brawling, Convince, Entertainment (Acting), Lore (Tactics), Shield Proficiency 

Associated Bonuses: Gain One: +10 Health; +15 Reputation; +5 Heroic Luck; or +5 Weaponcraft 

Starting Silver: 400 silver pieces

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